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VR Experience question

I’m hoping you have a recommendation for a VR experience.We did the Star Wars experience at the void a few years ago and it was great. We loved how immersive it was for the group.After that we did a vr experience called dreamscape and it wasn’t nearl...

etvansego by Honored Guest
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Meta Quest 3 or PSVR2?

I already own a PlayStation 5 and own a few games that also support VR, so I'm leaning towards PSVR2 but I would love y'all's opinion. I care mostly about games and little about productivity and video apps. My cousin has a Meta Quest 2 and I'm thinki...

Resolved! Asgard's Wrath 2 lost save file

I first want to say how amazing this game is. The Quest 3 is my first VR headset and it's been a blast.I've been playing AW2 for around thirty hours. Went to fire it up today and it was update shaders after an update and suddenly goes into the beginn...

WKingface by Honored Guest
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Stuck On Meta Symbol With Chip

I was stuck on a meta symbol after factory resetting and booting multiple times but neither worked. Make sure to do both though. Then I killed my oculus and was ready to boot it after to see if that worked. I just had to power it on and redo all my i...

Does Meta sponsor or support events?

My organization has built a VR experience being sold through the meta store, in collaboration with a world #1 athlete. We're running a charity event to launch it, does Meta support such events either through sponsorship, donating headsets to charity ...

probleme manettes touchs

bonjour a tousj'ai besoin d'aide , j'ai un casque vr oculus rift, qui fonctionne tres bien, jusqu'a hier, les manettes ne me suivent plus, je ne peux plus pointer, avec le casque, je vois mes mains au sol, et quand je bouge les mains, les touchs ne s...

New to War Thunder

Hi all. I'm new to War Thunder and looking for some helpful tips to improve my gaming performance. Can you recommend strategies, basic tactics or tweaks that could help me become a more successful player?

JhinsonT by Honored Guest
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Dungeons of Eternity hanging update

It would only load one out of 10 times randomly on my Quest 3 and this update is because I purchased a Quest 2 headset only from eBay and it runs perfectly on it. Go figure

CarlMcK by Honored Guest
  • 7 replies
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Virtual Desktop vs Steamlink for pcvr

It’s no contest, Virtual Desktop is noticeably better for pcvr. I played almost all of Alyx using Steamlink but switched to VD after reading others’ suggestion. I was surprised by how much smoother it ran and how much more detail I could see in the g...

Rec Room makes me move.

Whenever I enter Rec Room it automatically moves me backwards. Inside the room and in all the Rec Room games. I thought it was my controller but its only on Rec Room so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but no luck. Has anyone else dealt with thi...

Echo VR shutdown

To whoever it may concern, I am deeply saddened by the news that EchoVR will be closing its doors on 1st August 2023. The Echo community is huge, established and it will be a great loss to many of us should the game disappear entirely. This is why I ...

128ajb by Explorer
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Experiences for children with autism

Hi everyone. My 8 year old son has autism and we got him the Meta Quest 2 for Christmas. I’m looking for some help and guidance from the VR community on finding apps or experiences for him to enjoy. He wouldn’t be able to use the hand controls to int...

2/11 [bugfixes] VR Game Manager -By Bilago

Update 2/11/2014: v2.0.5520.12323Bug fixes:Fixed an issue where the automatic program update would say the update failed, when it didn't. (you may see this one more time, but after this update it will be gone)Fixed an issue where UAC on Windows 8 wou...

bilago by Honored Guest
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[WIP] EmuVR - multi-system emulator (SNES, PS1, MAME, etc)

Ok guys, we've got a new shiny retro themed official site for EmuVR! http://www.emuvr.net We also got a Twitter and Facebook page so anyone can follow us.https://twitter.com/EmuVRhttps://www.facebook.com/EmuVRI'll keep posting every update here too._...

EmuZero by Honored Guest
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Moss 2 How to Dash

It's been driving me nuts but I cannot figure out how to get Quill to dash in Moss 2. What are the controller buttons and action to get this to happen??

drnebula by Explorer
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Can not save the game (keep losing progress)

Hello,I have problems with this game I've recently purchased. I was not able to figure out how to save the game before exiting it. After some googling, I've found out that you can not really save the game manually. With this in mind, I have just assu...

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