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Dont Buy Oculus

titleonly buy one if you--want games or apps to not work-spend 5hrs in customer support to just get a link to reviews (never got one, got lies tho)-have them tell you your account info is wrong when it isnt-want games to run at 1fps that could run on...

Lone echo 2 unplayable

Hi to everybody, I am in mud with lone echo 2 that exit from program so often that it is realy unplayable. I use Rift S and pc is a i9 3.6Ghz, 256 GB ram 4GHz, RTX3090, Windows 11 on M2 ssd and games on other M2 ssd. I think that could be a robust pl...

Fabio56 by Level 2
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I have a new account on the same headset

Hi, I have a small issue where the "Device Owner" account, I no longer have access to it on computer or phone, so I'm trying to transfer everything to a new account, so I'm trying to pair but it's taking a long time, I'm not sure what I have to do, o...

Cannot download Minecraft VR on Oculus Store

I want to play Minecraft Bedrock edition on my Quest 2. Most tutorials I tried to follow mention I should download "Minecraft" on the Oculus Store. Alas I cannot find said download. It would seem it has been removed. I tried the URL shortcut thingy a...

Horizon worlds

Hey I am having trouble with installing horizon worlds. It won’t let me install all it says is favourite. I am on quest 2 and live in the uk. I have reset my headset tried it through air link also on oculus app/website it still says the same thing.

19DRC93 by Level 2
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Resolved! Robo Recall crashing

Hi,I just bought Robo Recall from the Oculus Store, I am trying to play but it crashes every time. The game does load, I can get in the menu but when I get into the game, maybe 5 seconds in after loading, it crashes.These are my system specs and what...

Zephyrus Preulde Update

Hi, Take this update as a little present, try the game with a bunch of new features and share your thoughts!This update is the last one this year. We have modified the menu hand gesture, improved the puzzle interaction, hidden more treasures and so o...


Oculus go environment

I use to have a cool back ground on my oculus go but now the background is just a solid color. When I click library I no longer have an environment tab for me to change it. Any ideas?

Dance Central on Quest won't save

Hello,i bought Dance Central on my Quest, but it seems that it won't save any progress... everytime i have to restart from 0.I already tried to unistall and reinstall the game but it just won't save.I also have Beat Saber on it and my scores and prog...

FuReSy by Level 2
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Do all quest 2 games work on quest 1

does anyone know if new vr games don’t work on the oculus quest 1? It won’t let me download walking dead retribution, B&S, Ironman vr, bonelab, and other games, I’ve updated, factory rebooted, and tried everything. Please helppp

Discord echo arena francais

Bonjour à tousNouvelle adresse pour le discord echo arena francaishttps://discord.gg/MCBtTx3ZbyPour faciliter la vie des non anglophonesBienvenue à tous

These ppl rip off their customers

You guys are rip offs I can't access anything on my account I'm ready to sue you guys if you don't refund me for every single app I purchased n cannot access. I've has enough with your **bleep**ing robotic responses n half ass efforts to resolve this...

Resolved! Bonelab Quest 1

Let's take Bonelab for example, a game currently available for pre-order (I think) that I've been waiting for over a year. Which was still announced before the release of Quest 2. Strangely, it is currently Quest 2 exclusive.I understand that it's mo...

Please show CrossBuy information on game storepages!

Please show on game storepages if they are CrossBuy or not! Have to search the internet every time to know if you get both the Quest and PC version. It used to show on a few crossbuy games which platform you got the game for but not any more. Please ...

Resolved! Les Mills Body Combat in Offline Mode

Hi, everytime i open the Les Mills VR app it says its in offline mode at the top but my Oculus is connected. It never prompts me to put in my personal info ? Has anyone else experienced this ? How do I fix it so I can put in my info ?


Is there a game called gorilla run my sons been asking for it

The Evil of Residence

So, I finally had the money to pick up RE4 VR today. I expected I'd do absolutely horrible since I don't have particularly good aim. Oh sure, it's serviceable for close quarters engagements or if I can take my time to line up a shot. But the various ...

Pixie40 by Level 11
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Resolved! Horizon worlds availability in Belgium

Hi Ryan, I hope i'm not in the wrong place to ask this question but do you have any idea when Horizon worlds will release in Belgium? It looks really awesome and that's the reason i bought the Quest 2. I wanna enter the metaverse.