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Resolved! Newbie Needs help buying games in advance

I ordered my Quest 2 but i want to buy some games in advance to catch the Black Friday sale but every time I try to purchase something it wants me to add in a PIN # I assume to the headset I don't yet have. is there a way to buy games before the head...

Mic not working on Zero Caliber

Hello,My friend and me are trying to use mic in Zero Caliber (Oculus Link with Oculus quest 2 ) using the trigger button to our ears, but it not work. And in the audio options, mic options is greyed so we can't choose between Always on or Always off....

Sewayn by Level 2
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Hello!It would be very nice if the guild members could send the necessary resources - thus it could help to complete the competition tasks. Not all guild members have a high level and this could help them to complete the tasks. Thank you and good luc...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Galak-Z - a great VR arcade shooter

It does look like fun - maybe - has anyone tried the game?https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/1421550817913990/https://youtu.be/tQEuAOBPDJ0There's a non-VR version released years ago, but it did get many nice ratings - about 80% average on the PS...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Quest 2 mobile photo sync

Is there a possibility of linking your mobile device's photo album to view through the Oculus, with and option to convert to 3D, like how you can on Facebook? I have personal family photos of passed away grandparents, I'd love to get a high quality 3...

Asgard's Wrath download keeps stopping

I just upgraded to a Quest 2, and I'm trying to take advantage of the free offer for the game, but every time I try to download it, it starts and then just randomly stops. Has been 2 days of this nonsense. More than enough space on my hard drive, so ...

DCS30 by Level 2
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Steam VR crashing when I launch VR Chat

I was trying to launch VR chat in Steam VR chat, but every time I try to launch it, my screen goes black and I can only hear the sound. It says my headset's display port is not detected (even though it's plugged in) I tried unplugging and replugging ...

Asgard's Wrath - Game Exit?

I just picked this game up yesterday and really liking it as I get into it.But I gotta ask probably a dumb question - is there not a clean way to exit this game?When in character I can bring up a menu that is graphics settings, but do not see how to ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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https://youtu.be/YVRHnAW371gSummary: MageWorks was developed as a prototype for VR + Motion controllers in June of 2016. The game puts the player in the position of a mage with a spellbook in one hand and a staff in the other. Players flip through th...

sporx by Level 4
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Medium sculpt feedback

Hi everybody,I've been learning how to use Medium. I wanted to share the experience with others with timelapse videos of my sculpts. The video's I made seemed a little dull, so I worked out how to chroma key (greenscreen) in an interesting background...

Need help for broadcasting a movie in a store

Hello, we have to make a 360 movie.This movie will be available in a store on an oculus quest.There will be no hostesses to help with the broadcast.The ideal way to show this film would be for people to put on their headphones and for the film to pla...

Purchase confirmation page is blank

Hello, i'm from france and i'm trying to buy a game (Beat Saber) on the oculus website on my computer and the purchase confirmation page is blank, any idea why ? On mobile, it just says the content is blocked and that i needed to contact the website'...

Beat Saber, Custom Songs and Modding

Hello,Firstly Id like to mention that I have been loving the Quest 2.Im recommending it Pretty much to everyone I have the opportunity to.But what i'm not loving. Beat Saber. Not due to the game. Or quest implementation of it. I actually love the gam...

Is there an easy way to find games by PEGI rating?

Hi - I'm trying to buy for my son and only want to see PEGI appropriate games. But the APPS / Games screen doesn't show this. Currently I have to click into each game. Game looks good - I click it and it PEGI 18. Frustrating. Is there any way to see ...

HugoDJ by Level 2
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