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Purchased the app

Hello, I just purchased my first app for oculus, but now I do not know how to install or where to find download link. Was trying to find a solution, but I can not find anything on this theme. Thank you for your help.

i cant download my game

Please Please help me when i try to download my game it says soory would could not install your game please help me when i try to download my game it says sorry would could not install your game please contact support

Dance Central VR save file

I'm a fat old man in my 60s. I bought Dance Central VR for my 12 year old granddaughter. I played it first so I could guide her through the game and I enjoyed it more than I like to admit and now don't want to stop playing it. But I'd like her to sta...

Google's Light Field Volumetric VR Video Looks Awesome

More here:https://youtu.be/zSgL-byZ3qs- and here: https://augmentedperception.github.io/deepviewvideo/VR demo (8GB) can be downloaded here:https://storage.googleapis.com/immersive-lf-video-siggraph2020/DeepViewSiggraphViewer_08_24.zipNow I wonder how...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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A Fishermans Tale

I realise it is a little old now in VR terms (2 Years), but I just finished this game and had to say it was a brilliant idea executed in a very polished and intriguing way.I really loved the concept and the end level is just inspired! (By Inception I...

Buying tokens

Is anybody having trouble buying tokens in Rec room? I have added several different payment methods but when I click to buy them it says to add a payment method which I already had done. Any suggestions, my grandson is very upset.

GTA V VR R.E.A.L mod

Not sure, if everyone already knows about this mod. I tried this many months ago and there were some bugs and glitches that made game not as good as it could be. However its all (most?) fixed now. Cutscenes work. You can now change settings without r...

saami81 by Level 8
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A lesson learned on 'exercise' apps

Okay, my day so far... Took a walk for an hour this afternoon before finally heading to bedGot up at 7pmRan through my 20 minute "Beat Saber Exercise Playlist" on Hard difficultyPlayed Creed: Rise to Glory for half an hourLesson learned, do one exerc...

Pixie40 by Level 11
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Boneworks now available in the Oculus Store!

https://youtu.be/nQq_AKlc8g4Get it here:https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/2385436581584047I don't understand the recommended GTX 1080 in the Oculus Store. Now with ASW 2.0, and with no support for 120+ Hz, I'd be surprised if GTX 970 wouldn't d...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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So, Viveport?

To start with, I did search the forum first. There weren't many threads discussing it, and most were a year old. So, Viveport... Is it worth subscribing as a Quest owner? It looks like there's a library of 130-160 games I should be able to play, but ...

Pixie40 by Level 11
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Antivirus error when installing Onward

Just purchased and downloaded Onward. After it was downloads it asked to downlad the latest version. when I tried kept getting a error that my visrus program was preventing the download. I use avast. I put the program on hold for 30 minutes and added...

bjteger by Level 2
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Vr steering wheel game

i'm working on this game that involves wheel physics. But when you end up trying to google anything you find nothing. Here the solution i've came up with: you're going to want to model a torus then import that into unity. After that add a rigid body....

56yulo by Level 2
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De Leon Legends VR Game

Hi!I am one of the devs working on De Leon Legends, a pirate-themed action-adventure VR game. My team and I started working on this game halfway through 2018. This year we sadly had to put it on hold, but I still workon it during my free time. One bi...

The Moose Is Coming - August 12 2020!

From the makers of Polybius come something new ❤️ https://youtu.be/al4ouYCkL2ELooks like a game that can be run in res 200% in solid 144 Hz B)Btw, can't help thinking that the moose has been smoking ... something .... maybe grass?  https://store.ste...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Ghostly Summerwind

Ghostly Summerwind for the Oculus Rift+TouchWhat started off as a short project for some friends who love Summerwind Mansion turned into 10-monthsof development. Initiallyit was just going to be a model of a haunted house that people couldexplore. Bu...

Oculus CV 1 = HOTAS binding issue in DCS.

Hi! I am in the process of upgrading my PC, my graphic card will be upgradedd for an 1080 ti 11GB at the end of the week, but I still have an issue with my Thrustmaster T-16000 combo not working in V.S.Any tip?Thanks!

Half-Life Alyx buggy hand motion and suttering

I bought a Rift S to play HL Alyx and have been having tons of issues. I'm using FPS VR on Steam to track my performance statistics and for the most part it looks good, GPU and CPU frame times are low and performance is a solid 80 frames but my hands...

Lone Echo Discussion

Today is the day right? I'm really excited. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UZ6fqlZavoWhen will the download start? I don't know why these downloads don't start at midnight of the release day.

MowTin by Level 11
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Star Trek Bridge Crew cannot play

I'm stuck at the "you have to link your accounts to continue" screen. I jump thru the hoop of linking my accounts and click "return to game" and it sends me back to the "you have to link your accounts to continue" screen. Nothing changes. Anyone know...

No Web VR for Rift?

I've been looking at the Mozilla and Firefox statements and reviews and so-on, about using a VR based browser. But despite many mentions of Oculus Rift, when I get to their own websites and recent posts, all I find is "Oculus" ready - and in the down...

Robo Recall 1/4 of the loading screen?

Hi!I got my Oculus Rift a few days ago, but I noticed something wierd in Robo Recall. The white loading screen to the office is only to be seen in the top half of my left eye, I'm not sure if this is supposed happen.But the loading screen has layers,...

Netail by Level 2
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Connecting to VZFit

I have tried connecting to VZFit with no success. I have been in touch with their support team and no success. They said they have had other cases where it didn't work. Can anybody help me out on this?FYI, this program will allow you to 'ride' your s...

Roblox for PC

Hi Everyone! I was reading comments of people on some forums related to Roblox Game. Many people face difficulties in downloading game in PC/Laptop. So after research of 2 weeks, I found a working method through which you can easily download and play...

Resolved! What's the best app for Go and Quest for sharing

My mum has Alzheimer's and we bought her an Oculus Go a few months ago for apps that give her an experience rather than play games, I have now bought an Oculus Quest, is there a good app than works on both that when we are both online we can 'be toge...

skenn01 by Level 2
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