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DCS World hand tracking

I really miss the hand tracking in DCS World.It works if I use the LeapMotion, but the Oculus 2 hand tracking works so better than LM in Oculus home.When the hand tracking will be avaiable on link games?


So I bought a game on the pc Oculus app (I'm new) didn't realise it was specifically for the pc app and not my quest 2. So I out in for a refund, got the game for the quest but the motion makes me abit nauseous so I asked for a refund on it. I get th...

VapaM8 by Level 2
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Resolved! There's a bugg

When ever I try to update my WiFi it doesn't work because I need WiFi to update it and I've tried searching up how to fix it but nothing came up. I don't know what to do at this point because now it is kicking me off games and getting me to update my...

Oculus Monitor (v0.2.2 - 27/Mar/20)

Oculus MonitorOculus Monitor shows realtime information about your Oculus setup. Sensors change if you move them, controller tracking is shown if your headset proximity sensor is active, the guardian boundary even updates if you set a new one (in the...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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beat saber

how do i get beat saber if i got the quest on march 16 2022. Because it is unfair that some people get it for free and some don't because we got the quest a bit early

COMPOUND finally coming to Quest, Dec 8!

https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/5472934942761937/ Compound is one of the most popular VR titles on Steam, and is a perfect fit for the Quest platform. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this release for quite a while. Edit: Quest 2 only.

nalex66 by Volunteer Moderator
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Can not save the game (keep losing progress)

Hello,I have problems with this game I've recently purchased. I was not able to figure out how to save the game before exiting it. After some googling, I've found out that you can not really save the game manually. With this in mind, I have just assu...

Does Horizon Workspace not support input streaming?

I can see my computer's display remotely, but it doesn't appear to receive any of my inputs.Not being able to use my home computer remotely defeats the app's purpose.Even if there is uncomfortable latency, this should be an existing feature.

Support good games

I’ve had some of the best experiences playing Pick Up League Hockey, and I’m trying to understand why wouldn’t this game be allowed on the official Quest store. Personally I have consistently played this game for over a year now, still having just as...


Quest Pro Failure

Decided to bite the bullet and spend the money on Quest Pro. Well upon it showing up within 24 hours of order I was excited. Got everything updated and uploaded. Played for about 45 minutes and the headset crashed... Went black and wont respond at al...

Is Dead and Buried (1) Dead and Buried?

Heey Guys,My nephew came over this weekend and we wanted to play Dead and Buried because this gave me the most fun playing with this game. Is this game still being played? It seems there is no one (or the cpu) to play against. I did a Global Search b...

JCVW by Level 2
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Meta please fix VR Chat it's one of the only games I was really hyped to play on the meta quest 2 but it keeps crashing after 20 mins of gameplay ypu just need to optimize it a little better because it just feels not fun at all the be in a random con...

Can’t access games bought on quest 2, on pc.

Hello. I recently bought Superhot on the quest 2, so it’s stored on the cloud. However when I connected my oculus to my pc, and downloaded the oculus app and logged in to my account, I couldn’t play or find Superhot. It shows up on the oculus app on ...


META U R REALLY STARTING TO PISS ME OFF I am so tired of having an insane amount of problems with this Quest 2. When I first made my second account on ma quest. Whenever I would click on my games to update them, THEY WOULD NOT. AND NOW all my 17+ ra...

Casino games

I am looking for real casino games other than poker, like slots, roulette, etc.. any options out there for the Quest ?

pantut by Level 2
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Wander has lost its appeal.

Now that personal photos have been taken off Wander a lot of its freedom has been lost. We must now stick to where the sanctioned cameras take us and many, many out of the way and mysterious places have gone. This strikes me as a great pity and the a...