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Rec Room on Oculus Go?

Hey, I was wondering if there will be rec room on the Oculus go. I saw that it’s one of the less demanding games, and so am wondering if there is any chance it will be on the Oculus Go.

Elite Dangerous

I reinstalled the game a while ago and have tried 3times now to play. It keeps saying can't connect to server. It's not my firewall, virus protection or router.Is there anyone who knows how to get around this problem? Windows 10 pro 64 bit, Evga Rtx ...

Can I share games with my sister?

I have an Oculus Quest, and my sister is looking to get one. We were wondering if we can share games if we use the same account, but we also want to play at the same time. Can we play for example Beat Saber at the same time, with the same account, bu...

Resolved! Games in Store for Oculus Headsets only?

Hello my VR friends,My question is, Is all the content and applications in the Oculus store for Oculus headsets only?I see so many that are listed in the store that are also found at steam but with one difference, Most, Not all but most of the ones f...

So Close with Bigscreen Beta

After hours of long convoluted steps, I can see my desktop on the big screen in Bigscreen Beta. But now the virtual desktop is frozen. I can move around the room. I can manipulate the BSB options and screens. but I cant click on anything on my deskto...

Sword Art Online

I love the anime and have been completely hooked to the story, they have games on console but I would love to see this on vr as it will be the closest to nerve gear will get for years im sure. Who else agrees I feel like oculus should get this going.

Resolved! Low Volume in "Lone Echo"?

Beat Saber will blow your ear drums out if set to max volume, yet the volume in Lone Echo is way too low for my tastes. Anyone know if there's a config file or something I can tweak to get higher volume from Lone Echo?

semanis by Level 2
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Poker VR Harassment Prevention: Block View

Instead of just muting another player in Poker VR, since they are enabled to roam about the table and virtually assault other players, might you develop a means of also making the other player invisible to you so they cannot obscure your view of the ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Farlands! Now with multiple save slots!

Save slots have arrived! We here on the Oculus Rex dev team heard your feedback; you wanted friends and family to play on one machine and Rift, so we've pushed an update that includes multiple save slots (and some bug fixes). Now you can show off Far...

In Death Unchained

I have finished the tutorial but I can't figure out how to move forward. I tried every button, aimed the bow and shot an arrow like the beginning of the tutorial but can't move forward.

luedd by Level 3
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Sparc is refusing to install

For some reason when I am trying to install Sparc it gets all the way to 90% then drops to 0% and says it cannot install. I have the hdd space but it wont install for some reason.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice VR Edition

Just tried this game last night and wow. This is a good port and sets the bar at a high level even though you play with a game controller (in my case ps4 controller to PC). I actually like watching as a third person with the option of looking around ...

Deadaus by Level 5
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Vader Immortal wont load

I have Vader immortal episode 2 for Rift and it played fine for a while. Now when I try to play it I get "Loading" screen but it never loads. Will not load and have to Ctrl+alt+del to end task. It says not responding. I have rebooted, uninstalled and...

Review: Down the Rabbit Hole

People often use the phrase, "I'm going down the rabbit hole," when they are about to jump in to a VR Session. However, what I will be discussing is the actual title, Down the Rabbit Hole, by Cortopia Studios.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=st74Pg_RL...

Zenbane by Level 15
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My audio broke after I installed the oculus app.

So, i'm getting an Oculus Rift S soon so I decided to get the software. My audio was working fine in every game and application before I downloaded the software. I installed the software and it replaced my "default" audio path to an oculus audio path...

Super saturated contrast in 2D Elite Dangerous

Occasionally I like to come out of VR in Elite Dangerous and when I do I usually launch the game from my Oculus library by right clicking and select launch in 2D.Most of the time when I do this my Elite Dangerous will display on my Samsung 24 inch mo...

Outer Wilds VR Mod

I just started playing this and had a ton of fun on my first session. It has a VR mod that includes motion control support. You have hands. There is a lot of zero-G in VR so you need strong VR legs. Also, it's CPU demanding so you need a good system....

MowTin by Level 11
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An app/game to combat motion sickness?

I am very new to VR, still trying to get my hands on a quest, however, I recently saw a video on youtube about an app that helps to train your brain etc to combat motion sickness, it starts off viewing things in 2d, then moves onto a screen like a tv...

betsyme by Level 2
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Vader Immortal Rewards

Is there any advantages to using one reward over another (ie Green kyber crystal vs Green kyber crystal II)? Or are the differences pearly appearance?

Dinosaur Games Free

Take a look at our NewGame #Dinosaurgames is exciting and fun to play action game, here isthedescription:Dino Deadly Hunter: Free Dinosaur Games is a thrilling 3D game. Explore thevast city map with your giant 3D Dinosaur. In the world of sniper safa...