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$10 Credit

Hi, can anyone help me! I've received an offer to claim $10 by email and later on the same suggestion in headset. I've approved an offer in the headset but didn't see the credit, is there a way to do that? Now that the code is expired I could not red...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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I lost my Purchase

So i bought beat saber and there was a message that I had to enter my 5 Number long id or something and I did not know what my ID was and i just went back. I got a message that Beat saber was bought and the money is gone! But the problem is: I dont h...

Asgards Wrath

Hi, I'm stuck in Asgards Wrath after returning to Niflheim River Cavern area, I'm trying to do Targets in the Mountains side quest., problem main area is blocked with finger-like spikes blocking gateway if I go the other way where the fire blocks tha...

Resolved! Will games be kept?

Hi there im going to get a quest 64GB. Is is possible to keep bought games in my acount even if i delete them in the quest? Because i think that i have to replace installed games after a while due to 64GB and not 128GB...ThanksHein

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Customize the Oculus Browser Home Screen

I have been trying to find a better way to organize bookmarks on the Oculus Browser. We use the Go headsets at work, and some here have trouble finding what they are looking for. I made a .html file with all of our links, sideloaded it, and can acces...

FFA-VR by Level 2
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Tales of Glory aka Mount&blade VR

I bought this game few days ago and i had so much fun with it. TOG is all about medieval warfare. You can do custom battles and command your troops in battlefield with full physics combat or you can play campaign mode very similar to M&B. There are a...

saami81 by Level 8
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Mic problems in Sports bar vr

Does anyone here play sports bar vr and if so do you have problems with the mic breaking up?I like to play sports bar but when I'm playing my mic keeps breaking up and even when I change to my headset (hyper x) it after a few minutes breaks up as wel...

Oops01 by Level 4
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BoxVr and Center Room

For about a week the game has not aligned with the centre of the room set by the initial oculus configuration. Entering BoxVR settings and pressing the button to align the center of the room moves me to two different positions from the one actually s...

Anadon by Level 2
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not sure why but vrchat is now crashing for me. I click and try opening the app through oculus library and it crashes and shows a symbol of vrchat with unity on it.

How to change orientation in Wanderer app

If I'm sitting and using Wanderer how do I move in the opposite direction without turning around? On the map page, there is a circle icon on the top right which looks like it would do this but I can't get it do anything. Is there a way to do this?

VRChat on oculus GO?

Hi. I was wondering if vrchat would be on oculus go. If it’s not, is there some way that I can ask the company to port the game? Thanks

game wont finish installng

Hi all I got a quest and a link cable to take advantage of gaming on my pc i built. got it all settup and works great as soon as i use the oculus app to download and install a game it gets to 4 of 5 in the process and then just sits there....over a h...

Rockstar ‘AAA Open World’ VR Game In Development!!!

This could be "Alyx class" news, we'll see:https://uploadvr.com/rockstar-vr-game-aaa-open-world/ ;"Gearing up" is probably not exactly the same as "launching extremely soon"  - could be years into the future, but still awesome for Rockstar to increa...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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OPERATION SERPENS - Shooting game for the Quest & Rift S

Hi all.I'm making a game for Oculus Quest & Rift S and the first level is already completed. I'm looking to get some feedback from real players.If you are want to help me (or just to play) - Write in the comments which Oculus you have (Quest or Rift ...

itzik1 by Level 3
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VR apps for the Rift S

the Rift S should have YoutubeVR, Netflix VR and Hulu VR. the Go and Quest has them so why not Rift S. also how about a Crunchyroll VR app and VRV VR app, no one made those yet.

App Updates

I am a newbie. So I may be asking an obvious question. How do I know if the developers have updated one of the games I have? For instance, I have Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, which is very buggy. I think the developers are working on it, but I don't...

My Fave VR Tuber

If any of you are interested in Gameplay vids. This is the guy to watch. He doesn't really do reviews, he just plays the games (very well), has hilarious running commentary throughout and genuinely seems to relish in the experience of VR. If you're t...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Medium is "free with Touch" but is listed at $35?

I was browsing the Touch titles, and saw Medium listed at $35. It says "Free with Touch" in the description, and also "Touch required" in the specs, so who would pay for it, and why?I'm assuming it will unlock for free install once Touch is activated...

nalex66 by Volunteer Moderator
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Lone echo save files

Can someone post lone echo save files at least outside of station (full saves would be better:). Older save file post doesn't seem to be available anymore.

Quest: Trigger Value?

Hey.We got a Game nearly done.Now we changed to "XR Interactions" and I think we did somethiing wrong, or we got a point missing.So.. the Problem:The player is shooting, when i touch the TriggerButton.What did we wrong?Before we did it with "XR Inter...

Bigscreen Beta

My app doesn't start in VR or desktop mode. I get an initial welcome screen, and then it crashes and closes.Running Rift-S. Other games working.