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Pop Shot just released for the Oculus Rift & Rift S!

Hi everyone, I'd just like to announce that my husband has launched his very first VR game, for sale today... It'a fun, kid friendly VR shooter, and it's a balloon shooting game, so no blood or gore! I hope you will all check it out, under New Releas...

Oculus Quest und Rift Store unterschiedlich?

Guten Morgen,ich habe eine Oculus Rift S mir damals zugelegt und mir dort im hauseigenen Store Beat Saber gekauft.Mittlerweile habe ich aber meine Rift S abgegeben und habe eine Oculus Quest aufgrund der Freiheiten ohne Kabel.Leider habe ich dort kei...

Unplayable FPS for layers of fear

I've just bought Layers of fear yesterday and launched it for the first time, for some reason the game is extremely laggy, stutter with unplayable fps. I'm wondering if anyone had the same problem and is there anything that i can do to improve this.M...

The Climb doesn't start

When I try to start The Climb, my monitor just goes black for a second like the game would be starting, but in the end I get an error message which says: "Failed to initialize the GameStartup Interface!". In my HMD nothing happens. Other games and ap...

Sport Scramble Tennis

During a match my racquet mysteriously changed to my left hand from my right. How did I do this and how to I swap it back? Thank you.

I cant uninstall Beat saber

I'm trying to reinstall the game because it seemed to be something wrong with the colors and there were no cubes. When I click uninstall then nothing happens. It also says "Uninstall (189,67 MB)", which does not feel quite right.I have tried to resta...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Any Word on Pixel Ripped 1989 Coming to Quest?

I just purchased a Oculus Quest that will be arriving at my door step this coming Tuesday. Ever since I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a Quest I have been watching video reviews, previews, and lets plays of various games for VR. One of the g...

McNutts by Level 5
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Virtual Battlegrounds

Giving this a try today. Start out stuck to the wall, with no controller response. Anyone else have better luck with this?

bobd14 by Level 4
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I am sure this has been gone over a time or 100, but looking thru the q & a, I can't see anything that is less than a year old. Maybe I'm slow :^)Anyway, I click on the XBO app, the Rift finds my machine, turns it on, green screen, XBO logo, begin to...

Asgard's Wrath offering statue bug in Unknown Tomb?

Hi thereI'm having trouble with the above, there are two statues on this level (at the moment) that want an offering and will give an item in return. The second one I've found is a rat, no problem there, there are a couple of rats throughout. The fir...

xrisb by Level 2
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[Music Box] feedback thread here

Hello everyone.Music box is out in pre-release on the gallery section of the store. If you played it and want to give me any feedback (good-bad-requests, ..) Feel free to do so here.I WILL read it Thanks and see you on the leaderboards. >:) Yoirgl.

Yoirgl by Level 5
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BoxVR is awesome!

Decided to purchase boxvr to get a fun workout based on a lot of reading on here, and 30 minutes later I'm dripping sweat! Anyone know how accurate the calorie tracker is? Can't imagine it's too accurate...

Lone Echo Support (crash)

hi,is there a site to send bug reports to or open a support ticket for this game?I keep getting a crash on it at the reactor leak section.Windows events show:The description for Event ID 1 from source BugSplat cannot be found. Either the component th...

Lone Echo saves

hello,i was requested by support to manually uninstall oculus whikle backing up the software folder and re-install fresh which i did.the Lone Echo saves are in the software folder which I backed up. I tried manually copying the files in /slot0 of my ...