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Beat Sabre - Freezing during a Song

Hi AllFirst time poster here and, owner of a Rift for a couple of weeks now. I will admit, Beat Sabre is the reason I got the Rift and, the ability to add extra songs using Beat Saver has been great. However......after running fine for the first few ...

Star Trek Bridge Crew - on Oculus Quest 2

We just purchased a Quest 2. The first game I bought was Stark Trek Bridge Crew. I logged in to the multiplayer and it wouldn't work. I was told by the other players there that the Quest 2 isn't compatible with online play for Bridge Crew. Can anyone...

Lawnmower Man vr

hello guys. I want to play in game from Lawnmower Man movie.Did you know how this game called?https://youtu.be/RrbN9tOi3zY?t=65https://youtu.be/RrbN9tOi3zY?t=50

Asgard's Wrath downloaded, will not install

Asgard's Wrath downloaded without any issues. I have a slow download speed due to my location so it took about 24 hours to download. During the install process, it failed to install. I have 780GB available on the E: drive (where I put my games). I ha...

KlupAMMO by Honored Guest
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Star Wars: Squadrons (Impressions)

As of now, I've spent over 3 hours in SW:S, and I'm really enjoying the heck out of this flight shooter!I won't be attempting a comprehensive review (yet) since I haven't finished the full single story campaign, but I do want to call out some great f...

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Zenbane by MVP
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Question on custom beat saber songs

Just started playing custom beat saber songs, and having a blast. Really liking cool note groupings like in centipede and 24k magic, but those are the only songs i have like that. Looking for more songs with those types of crazy note groupings.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Is AWESOME

It's so realistic I've just spent the last two days stuck at Dover having to eat my container of onions to stop myself from starving to death and I've had to poo in carrier bags and throw them over a hedge into a Dover field.10/10 A lorry sim can't g...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Gardening, Cooking, and Fish tank simulator?

I mean it would be cool to have one so the understandings when real-life come to play like how to make food when at the grocery store can be remembered of what to buy.Plus, if people do real-life gardening they can know what to do because of the sim....

AntDX3162 by Heroic Explorer
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Blade And Sorcery stuck on loading

I play B&S on my Quest 2 through Oculus Link. I installed some mods a while ago and some of them didn't work. So i uninstalled all of them and tried to play the game vanilla. It then got stuck on the second loading screen right before the character c...

Why so little content

HiI like the Oculus, but I am frustrated that there is so little content. The games seem to be aimed at teenagers. I would like to see more adventure/experience software. Yes, the Climb is good, the boxing is great and WW1 pilot is also good, but tha...

Dalucia1 by Honored Guest
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Minecraft: doesn't work ;(

When I try to start Minecraft everything looks OK. First time I can see game loading in my Rift, but after some seconds I get error. I cant play in Oculus, but can see game menu in win10 and it's works.What's can be wrong?

Asgard's Wrath stuck at initial loading screen

Using Quest 2 and link cable, I finally got Asgard's Wrath to finish downloading. Unfortunately after I start the game then choose my motion preferences, the next screen showing creation of the world, the game just stops there and never proceeds any ...

tonyvr99 by Explorer
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Are You Playing Multiplayer?

I am curious about how many of you play multiplayer games. I have several headsets and really enjoy multiplayer experiences. However, it feels like VR is still very much behind pancake, despite Oculus being owned by a social media company.So, are you...

Asgard's Wrath - axe throwing game

Hey, I'm having a bit of an issue. When I'm out in the world throwing axes, I have no problem. I can hit the bullseye most of the time without any issue. When I get to the tavern and try the throwing game, though, I can't hit anything. It doesn't mat...

New PACMAN Game on Quest

First images of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment's new #VR attraction - 'PACMAN Racer' - a two-player karting based #PACMAN game, using Oculus Quest VR headset and controllers. Currently on secret location-test in Tokyo for a limited time.Hat Tip: netanker

kevinw729 by Honored Visionary
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beat saber question

What are the boxes that come after you in beat saber. Every time I come across one of them, i fail the level. They are outlined 3 d squares. How do you get past them?

VR firearm training

As a card carrying enthusiast, I can see VR as a great way to train average folks in firearm self defense.Does anyone know of any serious projects under development? I'd gladly throw some support into a project like this.edit: Perhaps a tracking puck...

VizionVR by Rising Star
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