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YouTube 8K 360?

Hi,I just got my new Rift S unboxed and setup.I have no interest in games.I do have an interest in virtual tourism and high quality (ideally 8K or better) 360 video content, the primary source for which is YouTube.On my old Odyssey, I would just inst...

hubick by Level 4
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BONEWORKS Slo-mo button

Hey is there a way to change the key binding in BONEOWORKS so the slo motion button is on the right stick rather than the left stick?Thanks.

Resolved! Other distribution channels ?

I would like to ask, if there are methods for distribution other than the store, and release channels. For instance downloading APKs via a link or install apps from other apps. It would highly increase the possbility for companies and users to distri...

virtual music

must be me, but i do not understand this app. i see on the left a number of what are obviously screen images which one can select, and up top numerous boxes of what may eventually contain musical selections, but all are blank. how does one get music ...

calmone by Level 2
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Fugl is a great (voxel) experience

https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/1549570518416178/?locale=en_USVoxel graphics have long been a favorite of mine - maybe Outcast in 1999 is to blame. Xion is awesome too in VR, and Fugl may take voxel graphics even further in VR:https://youtu.b...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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invert y-axis project charon space fighter?

(i have an oculus go)on the oculus games/ap section of the oculus website i saw a note from the developers telling a player (who had written a three-star review) that it was possible to invert the y axis in the settings - I CANNOT FIND THIS IN THE SE...

Asgard's Wrath Ancients Sword

My character holds the Ancients Sword backwards, I've tried changing heroes and reloading the game and everything I can think of.Is there a way to fix this?

who can help me with entering my payment method?

I have an Oculus quest, and I want to buy the game Moss. I am using a valid credit card that has been working fine until April 1st. Now when I try to buy something I get a code check with my bank. I enter the code and it is validated by my bank. Then...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Fruit Ninja VR User Reviews

Please post your rating of this game taking into consideration fun factor, value for money, overall polish and using the following criteria if you have purchased/played the game:5 Stars - Awesome Must Buy4 Stars - Very Good Not essential.3 Stars - Av...

Bigscreen help for quest!!!

Hi everyone. I am having trouble with Bigscreen. Just started using it and I love it. Wanted to create my own room. I got Bigscreen for Steam and when I launch it in Remote Desktop mode Bigscreen pops in and I cant see all of the app. Therefore I can...

Pool or snooker game?

Hi all, as you can probably guess from the title I'm a massive pool and snooker fan, and every day I go on steam and oculus home in the hope that someone is developing a cue sports game but nothing  I know sport bar is out there and the pool is grea...

Oops01 by Level 4
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VR Coronavirus Info Hub

https://youtu.be/B85uSabW2UcWe’ve set up a free, multi-user, public access Coronavirus VR info hub In Acadicus room 1800. If you’re a healthcare provider with access to an Oculus Rift, please consider sharing your experience, demonstrations, and info...

Skyfront VR Genesis arena

Have been playing this game with friends for a while now. Just tried playing in the Genesis arena. Everyone else has no problem but when I enter the game I just hover in space. No hands. No one can see me. Have tried re-starting and even re-installin...

How to play downloaded from youtube VR videos?

i tried many players - while some of them can play videos in VR mode from youtube directly - they can't do it with same downloaded videos - if i click "stereo mode" player just wrap around me these videos and it looks distorted and its not VR. Any wa...


Was looking forward to buying Ultrawings but I don't see it in the oculus store anymore dose anyone know why it was taken out ?

PPSSPP VR - PlayStation Portable emulator

PPSSPP VR is now released! From the people who brought you Dolphin VR.PPSSPP VR is a PlayStation Portable emulator for the Oculus Rift that lets you actually be inside PSP games. You are not playing on a virtual handheld or screen, you are inside the...

2EyeGuy by Level 5
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Tetris Effect on Quest with Link cable

I bought Tetris Effect on Epic during their spring sale, but it doesn't want to go into VR mode the way Steam and Rift games do. It stays in the virtual desktop window and wants me to use a mouse and keyboard. Anyone else have luck with this game?

Problem with games

Hi I have a problem with a game I bought on my Oculus Quest I can't find it on my computer's Oculus application whereas the opposite is possible.Thanks for help

Ameflex by Level 2
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Doctor Who: Edge of Time

I think I'm going to buy this one. I was impressed with the Dr Who Runaway experience but not sure if the same developer was involved. Anyway, Edge of Time is on Steam now but still says coming soon on the Oculus store, maybe it'll drop as I'm writin...

DaftnDirect by Volunteer Moderator
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