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[deleted] A Room VR - start new game?

Hi all, I've very recently bought an Oculus Quest along with A Room VR - before I start the game does anyone know if it is possible to restart from the beginning at any point, just so someone else can experience the whole thing? Or do you have to com...

The Room VR, when

The Room VR: first it was 26.3. and come soon now? what should that do. There can always be something in between, especially in today's difficult times. But if you take the 26.3. announces, then you should explain that now. The fact that you don't do...

elfe77 by Level 2
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HL:A Link problems

Anyone constantly crashing when they play Half-Life Alyx through the Quest Link? I am crashing about every 40 minutes when I fully restart my PC to play and I crash every 5-10 minutes for a headset reboot. I play on low settings with the following:PC...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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new game idea

tbh there should be a anime game for vr like a naruto game where you can create your own naruto character and make your own choices like do you want to be in uchia clan or nar or what elemnts you want like wind style or fire style it should be body t...

Norton blocking download

I'm trying to download Dirt Rally 2.o from Oculus store and Norton keeps blocking it . Been on the phone with Norton support waiting to speak with a representative for well over an hour. I have no idea how to get Norton to allow this download to get ...

jfail by Level 3
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Runtime 0.7 supported games and demos.

Since SHARE doesn't have a search option for SDK version, let's compile a list. I'll start with the ones I've managed to run.08:467 NanocyclesAffectedAmigdalaVR demoApollo 11 VR demoARK: Survival EvolvedBack to Dinosaur IslandBeneath the Valley of Ki...

Wildt by Level 12
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Conscious Existence - A Journey Within (Steam)

Honestly this is one of the best, most relaxing VR apps out there right now and only costs ~$5. Looks great with my Rift cv1 @ 2x SS and even better with my Vive Pro @ 130% SteamVR pixel density. Definitely made for oled, but probably still looks pre...

Dirt Rally 2.0 Flat out

I saw some news that we are finally getting our oculus store owned copies of Dirt Rally 2.0 updated with All DLCs including the new flatout dlc on the 24th. Is this correct?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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RAW DATA - The Best VR Game So Far

You might have heard of (or played) RAW DATA which released yesterday as an Early Access game (July 15th 2016). It's a sci-fi first person shooter currently for the HTC Vive. I bit the bullet and bought the game £23.99 (normal price £29.99) and just ...

Ion Accelerator Rifle Mod - robo recall

Futuristic Modular Rifle by Ramhat on Sketchfab- Description -This mod is based around the Energy Rifle, but I wanted to modernise it a little bit, give it a more realistic sci-fi model. I found this incredible scifi rifle model by Ramhat on Sketchfa...

The Glock Zapper Mod - V1

Zapper gun - Glock 9mm by Eques_inferno on Sketchfab- Description -Back with another update to the Glock Mod! This one is it's own little side mod, I copied all the code over but switched the model out for this amazing looking Glock Zapper model I fo...

The SPAS-12 Mod - V2

Franchi-SPAS 12 by stilobique on Sketchfab- Description -The Franchi Spas 12 is a fantastic, legendary shotgun. Featuring both manual and semi-auto reloading, this weapon is a terror on the battlefield, and more than ready to rip and tear through any...

Alyx pre-load begins this Friday!

https://twitter.com/valvesoftware/status/1240053356745244674This was quite funny:https://twitter.com/DevonLe21726215/status/1240053606386216962Thus according to the video, persons with no mask have more energy and fun? 

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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[Onward VR] 50% off for a whole week on Oculus Home!

Heads up!Onward is on a weeklong sale! So strap on your helmet, tell your battle buddies, ready your motion controllers and join the battle!Get Onward on Oculus Home now for 50% off until March 23rd!Oculus store link : https://www.oculus.com/experien...

Death horizon reinstall

I purchased a game "death horizon" few months ago and i format my phoneThen i tried to reinstall this game but did'nt workReinstalled other gamesexcept for death horizonAnyone has a clue?

Cross-Play games between HTC Vive and Oculus Quest

Hey guys, I’m new to the forms. I’m looking at buying/asking for an Oculus Quest for Christmas this year. It seems like a good fit for me as it’s relatively inexpensive and doesn’t require a beefy PC. The one thing holding me back: I’m concerned I wo...

Ajyankee by Level 2
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[Quest] Hand Tracking - Drumcomputer Tech Demo

Create music with your fingertipshttps://youtu.be/OmLNkjbs9IUsample hit is only triggered when hand palm is facing yousample hit is determined by pinch strength threshold ( 0.75) index, middle and ring finger have different samples (for both hands) s...