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Alyx pre-load begins this Friday!

https://twitter.com/valvesoftware/status/1240053356745244674This was quite funny:https://twitter.com/DevonLe21726215/status/1240053606386216962Thus according to the video, persons with no mask have more energy and fun? 

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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[Onward VR] 50% off for a whole week on Oculus Home!

Heads up!Onward is on a weeklong sale! So strap on your helmet, tell your battle buddies, ready your motion controllers and join the battle!Get Onward on Oculus Home now for 50% off until March 23rd!Oculus store link : https://www.oculus.com/experien...

Death horizon reinstall

I purchased a game "death horizon" few months ago and i format my phoneThen i tried to reinstall this game but did'nt workReinstalled other gamesexcept for death horizonAnyone has a clue?

Cross-Play games between HTC Vive and Oculus Quest

Hey guys, I’m new to the forms. I’m looking at buying/asking for an Oculus Quest for Christmas this year. It seems like a good fit for me as it’s relatively inexpensive and doesn’t require a beefy PC. The one thing holding me back: I’m concerned I wo...

Ajyankee by Level 2
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[Quest] Hand Tracking - Drumcomputer Tech Demo

Create music with your fingertipshttps://youtu.be/OmLNkjbs9IUsample hit is only triggered when hand palm is facing yousample hit is determined by pinch strength threshold ( 0.75) index, middle and ring finger have different samples (for both hands) s...

asgard wrath will not launch

when i try to launch the game just sits and says loading reinstalled oculus and the game still same problem nothing has changed on my computer that i can recall played the past few weeks with no problem at all, theres no error in event viewer when i ...


Just noticed this on the store, seems to have come out of nowhere with little to no marketing from Oculus. Only £5.99 and all the user reviews are 5/5! A long game too, apparently.https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/1308114652607170/

The Climb Advanced Tutorial on Quest

Can someone PLEASE help me. I am beginning to hate this game and am irritated I wasted my money on it because I simply cannot get past the advance tutorial on the Quest.Every time I get to the part in the advanced tutorial where I have to clean off t...

Eligible for store credit?

I saw on this forum that there's an ongoing action until the 9th of march when you buy 2 games, you get 10$ in store credit. I just bought 2 games but didn't get any confirmation on the store credit. Will I get the 10$? Otherwise I think I will refun...

yarn97 by Level 2
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Dead and Buried Freezing

Twice now I/we have made it through the four horsemen (Revelations) and both times it has froze at the very end. If one player leaves it eventually says we won but we don't get the achievement for it. Does anyone know who or how to contact the develo...

having issues with asgard wrath need some advice

hi! i tried asgard wrath with a friends account and i was really considering to buy it for myself(rift s), the thing is thati am experiencing a ton of stuttering even at lowest setting and resolution, i heard that i had to change settings in nvidia c...

Checkout my new xxxxxx application

Xxxxxx was developed and designed using virtual private network protocols that enhances your internet connectivity speed. It’s bonding with channel technology routes user’s traffic over two separate internet connection at once. This increases your in...

asadaso by Level 3
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Stuck Already - Free Diver Triton Down

I can't even get past the training section. The narrator talks about oxygen tanks being placed for me. I swim up to the many tanks that are there, but I can't grab them, or use them. Other than grabbing a flashlight, my arms are only used to swim. Ho...

Vader Immortal Glitch

I have all three episodes of Vader Immortal on my Oculus Quest. The first one starts up just fine, but when I try the second and third episode, it loads up just fine, and then it happens. I'm just staring at a black void. No main menu or anything. Ju...

Hollow remnant

Good evening, everyone. I'm trying to play Hollow remnant, but I'm stuck in the hallway where all the toys are. I have no money to buy them and I don't know where to go. What am I gonna do? Thank you

dancla by Level 3
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Vampire VR games?

I just got my Quest a few days ago (first ever VR system), and I love it! I have so many questions, but I'll start with this:Are there any vampire-based games for oculus? I can't seem to find any. I don't mean games that happen to have a vampire in i...

3D Sexvilla 2 / klub17

hi,-I was wondering if anyone has got 3DSexvilla2 / klub17 working with oculus rift cv1. if so what vr driver are you using? ie: tridef, vireio, etc.)-also does head tracking work? There is a discussion on another forum where some people did get it w...

a11w by Level 3
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