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Asgard’s Wrath 2: Cannot obtain last Enhanced Whetstone

 I finished game and started maxing all weapons out. Noticed I needed one more enhanced whetstone to finish Abraxas’ Champion Axe. There’s one quest the system didn’t check off being”Convince Thoth to join Horus’’s cause” how can I get the last enhan...

JP-1111 by Honored Guest
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Meta Browser does not properly render 180 VR YT movies.

Rendering 180 VR movies on the YouTube page using Meta Browser appears to be broken. However, everything looks good on the YouTube app. I tested the video on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9ADfo_evJE&ab_channel=JamesHustler). When I switch...

Jatczak by Honored Guest
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EMF Radiation

What are everyones thoughts on the risk of radiation when we have this thing strap to our head for long periods of time day in and day out? I'm been watching movies and to be safe I turn off all cellular and wifi signals. (This was the original post ...

Mynson by Explorer
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Dead and buried. Please, don;t shut it down!

good day, i've noticed, that Meta is going to delete the game "Dead and Buried", but this is my favoirite game, can i do so,mething to make them not to delete it? Me and my brother and our friends are playing in it almost every day since 2017! or can...

USER1_4 by Honored Guest
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Workrooms/Microsoft Teams integration

Hello,We're testing Workrooms with the Quest 3 headset, and it's a great tool.Last year, I read news about a possible integration with Microsoft Teams. Is there any news on this?It would be an essential feature to start adopting in my company.Thank y...

zinfede78 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Racism on Horizon World, folks.

Alright meta horizons, I’m definitely calling BS here. I’m apart of a dope team of creators that just opened one of the most popular worlds that’s booming right SINCE IT OPENED APRIL 1st. (World of Wheels) trending everyday. … it’s sad when I find a ...

Portal 2 in VR is the most immersive game I ever played

I have played through Portal 2 a number of times in normal "pancake" mode, it is one of my favorite games. Few months ago, when the VR mod from the flat to vr team came out and I was amazed by how well the game translated into VR (if you have the leg...

l1ovel by Honored Guest
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Asgards Wrath 2 Soundtrack

Hello there. This is not really a post about some problem but I didn't know where else to ask. Is there a way to buy the soundtrack for Asgards Wrath 2 somewhere? I would love to have this amazing music to listen to even outside the game! Kind regard...

My best VR experience (so far)

Hi all,I wanted to share my diving in the VR world thanks to this sub and one of my best gaming experience to this day.1 month back I was looking at new rigs and went for a 4090/7800x3d with a full intent of using it at 100% with VR. I then chose a P...

guharlaga by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Is any way to buy games cheaper?

I bought used Oculus 2. I'm interrested in few games for start.Of course I can buy them in Meta Store, but I'm wondering that is any way to buy them for less money? Some kind of promotions for new users, ref link program or any other way?

Tadeusz74 by Honored Guest
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there a genji Dodgeball or blade ball game but in vr?

recently been playing blade ball on roblox and I've wondering if there is game like but in vr. There's Racket Nx but it just has the mechanics which has me convinced there is something like that out there, or if there isn't it seems very possible som...

ituhabitu by Honored Guest
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Need advice - VR luxury experiences Youtube content

What's up everyone. we've just started producing some sick luxury experiences over in Vice City. aka Miami  Our plan is to ramp things up and spice things up. I want to get some feedback on the current format we're producing in and how we can make i...

Help with National Geographic

I am new to Meta 3 and there are games that I don’t know how to navigate like I got national geographic and I am in a building but don’t have a clue what to do next. I really enjoy geography and saw France how do I find other places? Saw David Attenb...

GearVR community STANDUP

If you're reading this, you already know why we're here. GearVr turned in realwold waste in one day. Issue is not solved. Hasn't been solved well over one year. Zero help or real answers. But we know why. Meta created literal tons of waste in one day...

App "Can you hear me?" for free...

Hi All...Virtual reality project developed for the Voice of the Oceans Institution, which is a non-governmental organization dedicated to combating ocean pollution. The Expanded Voice of the Oceans project marks the beginning of its collaboration to ...

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Limited selections

I have had my meta quest 2 for a year and previously owned oculous rift. I don't understand why there is so little selections with the advanced technology we have. Take Smash Drums, for example. The songs are terrible and the small selection availabl...

laydebyrd by Honored Guest
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Free Game

Hi is it any free games without subscription kindly guide me I have some doubts if anyone call me to assist very helpful.

Horizon Feed View

I recently added a new profile tl my headset and in the horizon feed app, it is much wider and has a left side dock. On my account though, it is more sqaure shaped and has no side dock. I looked through all settings and guides/support and these commu...

Pavlov with a quest 1?

So i got a Quest Again and wanted to get pavlov over the sideloader and saw that it cost cash wich is not really a problem But it says that it does not support the quest 1 does anyone have used it on the quest 1 over the Meta store version Thanks in ...

Zoro_abi by Honored Guest
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