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приложение Oculus Setup

Не могу запустить приложение для настройки Oculus Rift S. Запускается на странице Техника Безопасности и дальше ничего не происходит. Пробовал переустанавливать приложение, удалять вручную файлы из " Windows:C" , но ничего не помогает. Что мне делать...

Arizona Sunshine Crashs on start

Hi,I recently bought a Rift S After using the Rift several years. So I tried every game I have and Arizona Sunshine crashes on start. After crashing, it returns to my 3D home.I use the Oculus store version. Reinstallation didn‘t help - Same result. I...

I cannot download a purchase/game, please read/help

I'm trying to buy Vader Immortal 3 but whenever I click on the game in the Oculus software, the software/screen goes grey and I cannot do anything. I was able to buy the game on the Oculus website, but I cannot download the game because I need to do ...

환불 문의

닌자 게임을 구매했는데..설치 자체가 안됩니다.안되는 기계면 결제가 안되게 해주셔야죠.삼성 기어 VR사용중입니다.환불해 주세요 

lov2luv by Level 2
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Horror game called Dement

I just stumbled upon this game on steam and decided to give it a go. I have to say, VERY impressed so far! It's like being inside a Silent Hill game, very high tension too. Game is still on early access and is kind of expensive, but I was wondering i...

MLB At Bat or NHL.tv??

Hi - is there any plans to add the MLB At Bat app or the NHL.com/NHL.tv app on the Oculus Go? I have subscriptions to both and use them currently on my iPhone, Roku and my Desktop PC to watch MLB and NHL games. I find it very odd that neither app is ...

Stuck in Stormlands

Hey All, I'm stuck in Stormlands at a "use growth" objective. It's not an open world area, and I don't have enough growth/Aeon (sp?) to do anything at the mod area. I saw on reddit that someone suggested to "reload" but that just puts me back at the ...

Music in the air

Relax, feel the music and enjoy the flight!Music in the air is a unique experience for OculusRift where you can fly like a bird and explore fantastic environments , while enjoying great works of classical music .You fusing rhythms and melodies you he...

buelbu by Level 2
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Asgard's Wrath Crash on Startup due to Fatal Error

Hi I only just started the game with the Shark companion and truly loving it, second day trying to start the game and now I get fatal errors of multiple kinds. Really unfortunate, was hoping for a Verify Integrity feature similar to Steam but can't s...

Beat sabre only in 90 and 360?

What have happened too beat sabre? I cant access any of the songs other than in 90 and 360 level, i cant seem too reset it either. Reset to what it once was before 360 released

Step Turn Locomotion Mod - Rework 2

originally posted on www.roborecallmods.comHello everyone! Welcome to the Step Turn Mod!Hero Image from the old rework V1 Showcase videoI know there was a really nice UI-based smooth locomotion mod that MGS Studios had created before, but I wanted to...

The Reloadable Glock Mod - Robo Recall

THE GLOCK MODFound a cool glock model on Sketchfab so I went and rigged it and threw it into RR! Enjoy! Click the top button on either controller to toggle auto!https://skfb.ly/6LYKOThe glock featured in this mod has a bright red plastic lower!- Desc...


Bought this game on the Oculus Store a few minutes ago. This is the error I get when launching the game:Any ideas on how to fix this?

KNP54 by Level 7
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Stormland freezes.

Hi I play stormland and the game freezes when I need to jump into the water and skate to the next island. I have tried on 2 different computer and the same thing happens on both.Someone who has experienced the same thing?

Non animated games or apps

Hi. Just got a Quest and was looking through the games. I was really interested in seeing if there are any exploration apps that are non animated, i.e real footage. Like walking through the ruins of Pompeii etc. TIA.

Games for Disabled/Sitting

I have severe back issues. I am in a recliner almost 24/7. I have tried some apps that I cannot play. When it wants me to reach down I cannot because the recliner is in the way. I do not want to start buying games I cannot play. The only app that has...

Jamessc by Level 3
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Games for embedded people

Hi, I need a help in finding the best interactive game for embedded patients which does not require them to move their heads. any suggestions?

Mayoota by Level 2
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