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Vrchat someone plz help

Im playing vr chat on my quest and i got a REALLY big avatar but now i think the quest cant handle loading it all and its messing the game up because i cant change my avatar or world.When i point at them they dont click but i can still scroll through...

Oculus doesn't cache downloads..?

I had an Asgards Rath download going for a couple of hours, got to 44GB and then my connection cut out for a second, next thing I know its completely restarted...Is this some overlooked software development flaw? Why wouldn't the app cache the downlo...

Acadicus VR for Training and Education

Greetings!We wanted to share a progress update on our Acadicus platform, which makes it fast and easy to create VR training and education experiences. http://www.acadicus.comScene Editor: Create a scene by working with our extensive library of enviro...

Fallout 4 VR - DLC problems and solutions

If there's another thread for DLC, let me know and I'll merge this but I didn't notice it in my (admittedly brief) search. Anyway, I've been saving the DLC until I've done just about all I can do in the main game and have some comments which others m...

Path Of The Warrior Unavailable?

I saw POTW in the Quest store on the day of it's release, but for the last couple of days I can only find it if I search for the name, and it says it's unavailable. This is in the android app. I haven't had a look in VR yet.Does anyone know what's ha...

Affected the Manor available on Quest now also

And if you already own should have access to it.I just purchased it, figured it might look better in my Quest than my Rift S due to dark scenes.I went ahead and installed to both just to compare the two. I have been meaning to pick this one up and th...

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Anyone else playing Drop Dead ?

I downloaded this several days ago:https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/1091604990907791/http://www.pixeltoys.com/games/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i5ckv2guygI find this arcade-style game to be rather fun. The storyline is decent, similar to ...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Sims 4 vr

Hi is it native now for sims 4 vr ?Keep reading about vr implementation for it from years ago and some videos of it in vr via vorpx.Just wondering if can just do it now ?Cheers in advance

How do I add payment info?

When trying to buy a game I am prompted with the message “add new payment information.” So I put in my information and it tells me that a problem occurred and that I should make sure all of the information given was correct. I tried two cards, a debi...

V1SAG3 by Level 2
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Stormland Help Please!

I’ve been playing Stormland and really love it, but I’m stuck on finding all the “keys”, I’ve found two and have one left. Is there any trick to finding them that I’m missing? Would really appreciate any help as it’s driving me crazy now!

Mario Kart VR [0.1] - (Back in Dev!) Hydra Steering!

Hi Guys,Here's my Mario Kart fan game that I'm working on for the Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra!NEW RAZER HYDRA CONTROLSAlright, I've got a video showcasing a really early prototype of hydra steering controls, this works really really nicely. I have di...

What games should I get for the Oculus Quest?

I recently bought an Oculus Quest and I’m really excited to play new games on it. I’ve gotten Beat saber, Superhot and The Climb so far and I’m loving all of them (especially beat saber). What other games should I add to my collection? (Other than Pi...

A first look at Galaxy Forces VR

Coming to Oculus Home soon. Hope some of you will like it.https://youtu.be/RdoMIts8s-YThe trailer video also exist on the game website in full 60 FPS.http://www.galaxy-forces-vr.com/

Arizona Sunshine: The Damned (Nostalgia)

I've become a huge fan of Arizona Sunshine. I'm a zombie geek overall. Having grown up with the horror movies of the 1980's. I loved zombie movies before loving zombie movies was a mainstream thing to do. Arizona Sunshine's overall theme, music compo...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Has "The Climb" ever been on sale?

Since isthereanydeal.com doesn't have a history of price for Oculus exclusive games, I can't tell if The Climb has ever been on sale. I have been waiting until the Quest version came out to purchase it, but I'm hoping that it will go on sale on the R...

Stormland kicking my ass!

So I must be doing something wrong here because I can't find anyone else having as much trouble as I am with this game Maybe I missed some armor/health upgrades? I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I was wondering if anyone could help me get better...

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Shadow Point glitch?

I was able to play the Anchor chapter before I was supposed to (door in observatory was open). I have the mirror and lamp out in main area but can't figure out what to do as I have completed all the sun and moon puzzles for the level. Lorna is talkin...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Robo Recall - The Star Wars Mod Pack!

I've now created two firearm mods, the clone trooper assault rifle and Han solo's pistol, and the Lightsaber mod and Clone Trooper Player mod, for Robo Recall! I've combined them all into a new mod pack, named the Star Wars Mod Collection, for easy a...