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Arizona Sunshine: The Damned (Nostalgia)

I've become a huge fan of Arizona Sunshine. I'm a zombie geek overall. Having grown up with the horror movies of the 1980's. I loved zombie movies before loving zombie movies was a mainstream thing to do. Arizona Sunshine's overall theme, music compo...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Has "The Climb" ever been on sale?

Since isthereanydeal.com doesn't have a history of price for Oculus exclusive games, I can't tell if The Climb has ever been on sale. I have been waiting until the Quest version came out to purchase it, but I'm hoping that it will go on sale on the R...

Stormland kicking my ass!

So I must be doing something wrong here because I can't find anyone else having as much trouble as I am with this game Maybe I missed some armor/health upgrades? I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I was wondering if anyone could help me get better...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Shadow Point glitch?

I was able to play the Anchor chapter before I was supposed to (door in observatory was open). I have the mirror and lamp out in main area but can't figure out what to do as I have completed all the sun and moon puzzles for the level. Lorna is talkin...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Robo Recall - The Star Wars Mod Pack!

I've now created two firearm mods, the clone trooper assault rifle and Han solo's pistol, and the Lightsaber mod and Clone Trooper Player mod, for Robo Recall! I've combined them all into a new mod pack, named the Star Wars Mod Collection, for easy a...

Can someone help me?

I was told that if i refund requested a game, i could get my game back immediately if i purchased again, i did that and it was not the case, someone help i got charged twice and i need to get the first refund back immediately

My app have bugs

i bought an oculus rift S and in the oculus application my screen is freezing while i watch some kind of mandatory tutorial and i would like to know if it has already arrived or if you have any solutions i do not specify but i have restart and reinst...

Alan-13 by Level 2
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Disable or change mail adres in oculus app

Hai there, hope anyone can help me here, never got an answer from oculus.. We registered to the oculus app from google play with a facebook account before registering to the official site or any community. After a few days trying and playing one game...

Star Wars DC-15S - Robo Recall Star Wars Mod

The newest member of the Star Wars Mod Collection, the DC-15S Rifle Mod joins the Recalling fray!Watch the Mod Showcase for this mod below!https://skfb.ly/6OSUoDC-15 carabine by ForkyForklift on Sketchfab- Description -The DC-15S, Assault Rifle of th...


When are they ever going to update the Disney App with the "MARVEL" section? I like that app and the Star Wars is really cool, but I've been waiting a year for them to update the "COMING SOON" Marvel section. Anyone hear anything about it?

espike1 by Level 2
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juegos steam para oculus rift s

buenas tardes, he tenido problemas con beat saber, fruit ninja i batman arkham vr . los compre en steam i los uso con las rift s pero no he podido disfutar de ellos porque me dan errores los mandos de las rift s.a alguien mas le pasa? como lo haveis ...

Googles360.com | Timepieces | Sean Nuanes

This is a story where we take the elderly on virtual tours all throughout the world to help them escape the situation that they're in proudly presenting when they may not travel anywhere physically they get the opportunity to be there.

Can Quest work with Google Earth?

Has anyone used Google Earth on Quest? How about GE using Quest+Link? I’m new to Oculus and trying to decide if I should buy a Quest or Rift S. Thanks for any advice you can give.

mudbug4 by Level 2
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Robinson The journey

I move my games from a small drive to a bigger drive and thought I moved game save data as well, but i guess not. I had to start at the beginning in Robinson. can some one guide me to get my old game data transferred as well? One person says the data...

MRoe1 by Level 2
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Binocular effect

Hello everyone!Does anyone know how to get rid of the binocular effect? That's killing my VR experience. I have Oculus Quest.The first week everything was perfect, then something happened and I began to see the borders.

Stormland - Use of the Map / Quest Waypoints

Hi everyone,I started playing Stormland and entered the first real cycle now. I got a lot of quests immediately, but I don't know how to follow them. There are no waypoints. For example one quest is from Echo to get to some location, which she (it?) ...

Are there two versions of some games? Quest and Rift S

Are there two version of some games?I mean a Quest version and a Rift S version.I'm watching a Vadar Immortal comparison on youtube and can see Rift S was sharper, but now the Quest Link is out would it be better to get the Rift S version.If you own ...

Dead and buried

Bonjour, pourquoi ne pas mettre sur Oculus quest la première version de dead and buried que j'ai acheté et qui est single player, cela serait génial.

Lost...Need Help !

Want to buy games as a Christmas present... how do I do this without everything downloading on my computer or under MY name.... he will set it up on his computer, obviously. Completely new to this.....

sfhays by Level 2
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