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Don't forget to claim your Quest+ games!

Got a year's free Quest+ VR subscription with the Quest3 and until today have totally forgotten to claim each month's free games... doh! from https://www.meta.com/gb/meta-quest-plus/ How do I redeem my new Meta Quest+ titles every month? On the Inter...

Big Screen

What is the point of the cinema trailers if in UK you cannot watch a full movie? What is the point of Big Screen without movies?

AMD is killing it with VR performance.

Quest 3 owner her.The AMD used to be so bad in terms of VR, that I was just about to return my 7900xtx.1 year later, and it feels like AMD is owning it. About any game I try, I have an outstanding performance using the quest link. (no stream artifact...

Do you prefer VR games over flatscreen games?

I've had a q3 for some months now, and while VR has interesting experiences, at the end of the day, the time I spend gaming, if at all, is much higher in flatscreen games than VR. For example, if I played Palworld or Enshrouded, I would spend many mo...

Resolved! Walking dead sanits and sinners chapter 2

My question is I see 2 icons at the same time one is a heat with a arrow going around it the other is a lung with a arrow going around it what do those icons mean and how do I remove them

Ecker2323 by Honored Guest
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Escape room games

HelloI recently purchased oculus quest and am enjoying it very much. I was curious to know if oculus was going to make more escape rooms available? I have purchased Dark Matter. and think it was an awesome game. As I'm sure you know there are very ma...

Does Meta sponsor or support events?

My organization has built a VR experience being sold through the meta store, in collaboration with a world #1 athlete. We're running a charity event to launch it, does Meta support such events either through sponsorship, donating headsets to charity ...

New to War Thunder

Hi all. I'm new to War Thunder and looking for some helpful tips to improve my gaming performance. Can you recommend strategies, basic tactics or tweaks that could help me become a more successful player?

JhinsonT by Honored Guest
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Virtual Desktop vs Steamlink for pcvr

It’s no contest, Virtual Desktop is noticeably better for pcvr. I played almost all of Alyx using Steamlink but switched to VD after reading others’ suggestion. I was surprised by how much smoother it ran and how much more detail I could see in the g...

Echo VR shutdown

To whoever it may concern, I am deeply saddened by the news that EchoVR will be closing its doors on 1st August 2023. The Echo community is huge, established and it will be a great loss to many of us should the game disappear entirely. This is why I ...

128ajb by Explorer
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Experiences for children with autism

Hi everyone. My 8 year old son has autism and we got him the Meta Quest 2 for Christmas. I’m looking for some help and guidance from the VR community on finding apps or experiences for him to enjoy. He wouldn’t be able to use the hand controls to int...

2/11 [bugfixes] VR Game Manager -By Bilago

Update 2/11/2014: v2.0.5520.12323Bug fixes:Fixed an issue where the automatic program update would say the update failed, when it didn't. (you may see this one more time, but after this update it will be gone)Fixed an issue where UAC on Windows 8 wou...

bilago by Honored Guest
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