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Survivorman VR - coming in early 2023 - new trailer

Latest trailer: Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2185160/Survivorman_VR_The_Descent/ - and this one: https://survivormanvr.com/ Looks like genuine PCVR, devs recommend a RTX 2080, but there's a Quest 2 version coming too.For PCVR, only ...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Gun Raiders major bug

Shortly after your last update, the game has started to “ skip frames”. When flying, the play pauses and skips a frame or two, walking forward or backwards, and it stutters and skips frames,And its real bad when flying, shooting, and trying to maneuv...


Hallo, Zojuist een nieuwe Quest 2 gekocht, installatie gedaan en werkt weer als daarvoor.Bij deze nieuwe Quest 2 zit ook Beat saber, die heb ik al en kan deze niet 2x installeren en dat wil ik ook niet.Iedereen die ik ken heeft dit spel al. Kan ik oo...

Resolved! Oculus app not installing correctly

I just got a new computer that is compatible with vr, but when I try to install it I need to restart my computer because "an error has occurred". I've tried for 2 weeks to install it, without firewall? no. with firewall? no. This is really angering m...

Gorilla tag error update

So my gorilla tag on pc air link has an error where in game it says please update to the latest version of gorilla tag but when I'm not on pc and it doesn't have that problem

Gorilla Tag audio isn’t working

So when I loaded up gorilla tag and I started hopping around I could hear people talking but I couldn’t hear their footsteps my footsteps or any other audio. Other than peoples voices, I tried turning off my mic and I got a glimpse of hope then all w...

Live for Speed VR Test Patch (now DK2)

EDIT : DK2 support is now included in the full version of Live for Speed:http://www.lfs.netEDIT 2 : I have started a new thread to discuss the new full version:viewtopic.php?f=42&t=15110Now that we have a Test Patch with Oculus Rift support, I decide...

Scawen by Level 7
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Gear VR compatible confirmed

Confirmed, I just connected the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active to the Gear VR R322 and if it works, I had to make some modifications like: an adapter (micro usb - otg) and remove the slider to fit inside the glasses, given the dimensions of the smartphone....

Screenshot_20221106-213520.png Screenshot_20221106-235314.png Screenshot_20221106-235326.png
aayes89 by Level 3
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pc link not working no matter what i try

Trying to link with the native wired link, as i'm not satisfied with the performance using virtual desktopI dont even know what the problem is. Strangest thing about all of this is that it hasnt worked since i got the headset, but yesterday it worked...

Screenshot 2022-11-04 191054.png Screenshot 2022-11-04 202334.png

Beat Saber Quest Leaderboard Cheating

After months of exhausting practice, I've come to realise that some people are cheating the Beat Saber leaderboards on the Quest. Now before you make the assumption that I'm just salty because I'm not that good at Beat Saber, I have some of the top s...

Onward VR Latest update issue

With the Latest update, downloaded and installed today 5/26/18 XDI start up fine, hit solo, choose a map, it loads. HOWEVER. The second I see the box that holds the gun when selecting loadout, it immediately fades back out and then loads the home scr...

Cant download purchased games

I been trying to download bonelab on my oculus quest and nothings working. ive tried rebooting and factory reset and it still wont download. its acting like its loading for a download but wont actually install the game.

Vader Immortal update problem

I purchased the bundle this past weekend and all three games worked fine until today when I went to play. When starting the game(s) it said it needed to be updated. Update complete and I went to play. As soon as I start a mission or do the dojo train...

Graphics device

getting message as follows: Your graphics card has encountered a problem and microsoft Flight Simulator will exit. This may be due to graphics card overclocking. Overheating or due to a driver fault. This all started after the last update! It happens...

Oculus App/Content Interview

We are preparing to launch a new K-pop app on Oculus! Therefore, we would like to hear opinions from the Oculus community and are looking for people to participate in an interview. Feedback will only be used internally to create a better Oculus app. ...

Redeeming a code

I bought a game for a friend, entered their email, they received it, clicked the redeem link, but every time they copy the code into the game page where it says to redeem gift, it tells them "the code is for a different app and check email and try ag...

Lady_86 by Level 2
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Solution for Work Rooms Private office without wifi?

Are there any plans to to add a feature that allows you to connect a quest pro headset to a MacBook Pro via USBC to allow virtual displays in the work rooms private office? This would be an incredible addition as I travel on the road a lot and someti...

Lost everything

I turned on my oculus quest 2 after not using it for a few months and it wasn’t working so I factory reset it. Relogged into my meta account and none of the games that I have purchased are there. I have logged out of my computer home, desktop and ocu...

Limit permissions in workrooms

Hi guys, we are a digital academy and we are organizing the first full 16 classroom with quest2 and workrooms in Italy  But we faced an issue, I cannot find a way to limit the control of the room, my students can change the room design, move, writ...

Something new in Rift Store

Hurray, our Rift submission was accepted! Zephyrus Prelude 3.2 is available also on Meta Rift devices! The next update is also on the way so will get back to you with some great features soon.Stay tuned and leave your comments!!