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X-Wing on Rift?

Hi,Since lucasarts games can now be downloaded on GOG including xwing and tie fighterwould it not be amazing to mod xwing of tiefighter to use the rift...don't know if it will work because of using dosbox to run both games...What do you think? possib...

NjayNL by Level 4
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Premium bowling not working right any more.

We just got the Rift S on May 22, and for that 'special occasion' I bought Premium bowling. Things were going along just great, and all of a sudden over the past couple of days, the visuals jump all over the place, and when it finally does settle dow...

SET-VR by Level 3
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Crashing games

I am now on my computer and it doesn't delete my chracters.I recently purchased FNAF VR however whenever i go to load up the game a screen pops up telling me that the unreal engine has crashed. I uninstalled and re-installed the app and restarted my ...

Epic Roller Coaster - Endless Update Required?

Hi, I installed this App (the Epic Roller coaster VR app) and tried to run it but it has been saying "Update Required..keep connected to wifi and power...." with an "ok" button (which I sometimes click and right now I left it as is) - but it has been...

Rift S 1.39 and Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine was working fine.Upgraded Rift S to beta 1.39 and new firmware as well.Now AS crashes while loading. It crashes either at the calibration screen or after, but it never makes it to the set up trailer.I have deleted and reinstalled the...

Unsure about The Unspoken

I playedit at a shop demo for like 3 Minutes and really liked the concept. Now I havemy rift+touch and it doesn’t come with touch anymore. Sure, I’m glad Roborecall does instead but now I’m really uncertain if I should buy it.Ilearned it is almost pu...

Resolved! Delete Apps?

Is there absolutely any way to get rid of some apps and games that we don't use anymore? Having all them get sitting around is driving me insane

Achat jeu et désinstallation

Bonjour,J'ai un doute concernant la désinstallation des jeux. SI j’achète un jeu et que je le désinstalle. Je pourrai le désinstaller plus tard sans payer à nouveau?Questions subsidiaire: A quoi sert l'activation ou non du dossier storage?Merci

Fugl (bird flight experience) released for the Rift

Fugl is a "meditative bird flying game".You play as a shape shifting bird flying around procedural environments.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk7fDYj7YkMFugl has been out on Steam (early access) for a while, but that was the flat version. The VR ve...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Game won't open after being downloaded

Hello, I've seen several topics about this but don't see an answer. I downloaded Adr1ft and it is in my library but when I click to open it nothing happens. Well it looks like it is about to load and then it does nothing. Have seen other people compl...

How to play FUJI on Quest

I know... dumb question, but I'm not really a gamer...I like to "wander" through VR. FUJI is cool...but I ended up "lost" in the world of FUJI, I couldn't figure out how to get out and I found these NUT things and I had no idea what to do with them. ...

espike1 by Level 2
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Moss DLC, 3rd doorway/cave, stuck on boss.

I am on the 3rd and final doorway in the Moss DLC.I am at the boss snail thing that shoots meatballs upwards. LoLHe is now on the center platform, I have shot him with my magic semen sword 15+ times and he doesn’t die. What am I doing wrong? Thanks a...

The Spider-Man Mod

originally posted on roborecallmods.com Web Zips! Everybody loves em! (Image Courtesy Sony, models shown here not included)- Description -I've always been super inspired by VR grappling hook games, the way that they can zip you or swing you so easily...

Vader Immortal bugs

First off, this game seems really awesome. I've been a fan of Star Wars since I saw the first movie, Episode 4 A New Hope, in the theatre when I was a kid.This game finally becomes available for the Rift S, and I'm excited about this. The problem is ...

ZipStix by Level 2
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Is Red Matter worth the current sale price?

I noticed that Red Matter is at $25 today. I still have a backlog of games to finish (Arizona Sunshine's DLC, Raw Data, SkyrimVR, Moss), so I'm in no hurry to add yet another game to the Library. Not to mention the list of VR Titles I have on GO. How...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Pre-ordered game (Rogan) still not in Library

Hi everyone,I already opened a support ticket about this but seeing as it's saturday I think it's gonna be a little while before I get an answer. I was hoping one of you might have a solution to this.Basically I pre-ordered Rogan: The Thief in the Ca...

Setup App Not Working

I put in a ticket but this is the worst most buggy software i've ever used. Thumbing through the forums for 3 and a half hours trying anything and everything to get the app to work. It will either download and tell me it cannot connect to the server ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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oculus app

ive downloaded the oculus rift app and installed it about 3 times so far and it keeps saying I need to repair it any 1 had this before and know how to fix it

natoea by Level 2
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Testing Rift S In Different Racing Games

Raceroom:https://youtu.be/62MKNvUwwSYProject Cars 2:https://youtu.be/Jl0IiDcAqScACC And AC:https://youtu.be/_jrn-ctpXwIWorks great in both Raceroom, AC and pCars2, and pCars 2 look stunning on the S!! ACC was crap, first game that didn't look good in...