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Can't delete a game, exe has gone missing

Hi all,Went to play Beat Saber last night, game worked but my custom songs weren't there so I updated beat saber mod manager. Game stopped launching after that so I tried to delete it. I closed the oculus program after 10min and went to reinstall Bea...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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[Prototype] Orbital Dogfight Release

Stoked to announce the release of the Orbital Dogfight prototype! Its Free and only 55 MGs.Download it here: https://mogacreative.itch.io/orbital-dogfight Woot!Drop comments and questions below 

Mountain Goat Mountain User Reviews

Please post your rating of the free Mountain Goat Mountain game taking into consideration fun factor, value for money, overall polish and using the following criteria if you have purchased/played the game:5 Stars - Awesome Must Buy4 Stars - Very Good...

Price increases

I've read in a few places that 'Beat Saber' is increasing in price on the 21st to correspond with the Quest / S release. Are there any other games / apps that are going to be increasing their price for the release date too?

Polygon Nightmare - Old School VR

Hi. im Swedish guy with early dreams of VR since i first tried the "Virtuality" arcade machine "Nightmare" later called "Dactyl Nightmare". My goal is to bring my childhood dream back from the dead, for the historic value and because it was a lot of ...

Enmark by Level 5
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HackJack, robot detective - On launch sales!

Hey guys! Our game is still on launch sales here:https://store.steampowered.com/app/1019230/MrHack_Jack_Robot_Detective/Also feel free to join us on discord to have a chat and give us feedbacks and others!https://discord.gg/KQk4PEx

VR Detective Game - Mr. HackJack Robot Detective

Hi guys!I'm part of a small dev team based in Japan, and we are super proud to announce that we released our VR detective game HackJack!!https://store.steampowered.com/app/1019230/MrHack_Jack_Robot_Detective/We really look forward to hear your critic...

You're on a desert island. You can have one VR game.

You're on a desert island. You can have one VR game.For me, it would be Elite Dangerous. It's not my favorite VR game but it would offer the most entertainment given that it has a galaxy-sized open world. And I wouldn't mind grinding for credits and ...

MowTin by Level 11
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Oculus stomping game?

Is there a Oculus stomping game?. I live in a apartment where above and below are inconsiderate A holes. This building of 16 apartments use to be so quiet until both moved in. I no him above is 27 and lives on his own has parties slam doors etc. Them...

Jigsaw 360 now also available on Oculus Go

Jigsaw 360 is a chilled out experience with relaxing music and a choice of relaxing sound effects (nature / rain / waves) . You find yourself stood inside the jigsaw scene and will complete a spherical jigsaw puzzle in front of you. As you turn the p...

jumbli by Level 7
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Dead Secret Bugs

I have spent days solving the mystery Dead Secret which is awesome BUT there is a bug or glitch that sometimes the person that you are playing in the game freezes in their tracks and walks in place. I have been able to exit out and come back in and i...

Gymnasia - Short VR movie experience

Hi everyone, just thought I'd recommend this short experience, I tried it out last night and found it quite creepy, weird and scary, it's well made and definitely worth it for £3.99:EDIT: Just so you know, this is very short, it's only about 5-6 minu...

Oculus App

once again Oculus Application doesn't start...it's timing out after 10 minutes of spinning oculus circle.are the Oculus servers down or overloaded?

Something like OVRdrop for oculus apps

I've started streaming my VR gaming sessions on Twitch. One thing I find missing in Oculus apps is the ability to pull up twitch chat from inside the VR world. I can do this from almost any SteamVR title using an app called OVRdrop which lets me flip...

Suggestion box or feature request.

There does not seem to be a suggestion box that the users can request features on upcoming releases the programmers could check. I believe this would be more beneficial than just starting a new thread that the developers will never look at.