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From Other Suns no multiplayer?

How do I get the multiplayer working in this game? When I press Play there are no games shown and my only option is to press New Game. If I create a public lobby, no one joins my game either.I thought that the open beta was to test multiplayer, but m...

Kurtino by Level 3
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DCS World

Virtual Reality UpdateWe see VR as an amazing tool to enjoy DCS World and the future of PC gaming for many. To make DCS World even better, we’ve been working on some great VR improvements that include:Optimized VR performance.Touch control that allow...

nrosko by Level 9
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Shadow Legend Voice Controls

I can't seem to get the voice controls to initialize... I check in Windows 10 and its recognizing my rift as a microphone properly, but nothing while in game...This is a super cool feature, anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance!


3DNes is an emulator allows users playing their favorites nes games in an unique 3d experience.Users can play in the traditional third person view mode or explore the refreshing first person view mode.As with latest version 1.4 it already supports po...

tructv by Level 3
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Hello, when every i get a new update on a game on my oculus rift, i click update and it updates all the way to the installation part and then it just stays at %0 until it just goes back to needing an update. I have found a fix which is to uninstall t...


I purchased the Dead Secret app and after playing the game for a while, it crashed. There was nothing but a black screen. As a result, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game TWICE. Soon after, the entire app disappeared. It's as if I never purchased ...

Resolved! how to restore apps without re-downloading them ?

helloi have reinstalled the oculus software.before reinstalling, i have backed up the old folders.after installation, the oculus app is telling me that i have apps in my library but they are not installed (i can see the list in the d:/Oculus Apps/Man...

ssm2017 by Level 3
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Store Credit - t minus 10 days!

I have £10.99 and probably equiv in euro and dollars as internet web prices seem to go!'Oculus' inform me I have to spend it within ten days or loose it - wow, and there was me thinkin' I'll wait till i wanted to buy something...So, what's the best '...


hi everyone I hope someone can help me! since last onward update I have had major trouble starting game it takes a really long time to load to in game menu then freezes with loading symbol rotating in the corner until I switch off ive tried a reinsta...

[MOVIES] Illusion Ray Studio - VR/3D short movies

Hi everyone I would like to share with you with some footages from our movie projects, that we created at Illusion Ray Studio.We focus on making short movies (around 10 minutes) for VR and traditional 3D (SBS). The movies are intended to be played in...

Lukas by Level 2
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Mind Labyrinth: VR Dreams - Emotional game

Hi there!I'm Andrea Marinelli founder of the Frost Earth Studio and a VR developer since our beloved Oculus Rift DK1 came out.I'd like to introduce you my new upcoming VR game called Mind Labyrinth: VR Dreams.Description:This is a game about emotion ...

Welby by Level 5
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ViSP - Virtual Space Port

I just found this little gem:https://virtualspaceport.com/ It's a "build and defend" game. You are building a space station structure in roomscale VR. The goal is to connect your structure with certain artifacts spread over the 3D-space. You need to ...

Soulkeeper VR

Looks promising... Possibly a bit like skyrim but for vr? Anyone here backing it?https://youtu.be/XN9kDW0sTtAhttps://youtu.be/1kMru44xId4

How to showcase Live-music video

I recently recorded a full-album (13 songs) using a 360° camera, 4K, immersive audio, 3D ... this album was recorded all live with Grammy nominee Latin band “La Clave Secreta” and many special guest artists. I would love to showcase and feature at le...

Salvo Go - Battleships for the Go

Hi allI have already released Salvo on the rift and am now rebuilding it for the Go. I released Salvo Rift edition my first ever game nearly two years ago and have learnt a lot since. I also wanted some more experience building for the Go. Particular...

Robo Recall not free/and not in library

I just got my VR on Wednesday and it came bundled with the Touch controllers and I bought an extra sensor, but the 4 free games that were supposed to come with the rift + touch controllers are not in my library. (Robo Recall, Medium, Dead and Buried,...

Torn is now on sale

Torn on now on sale for $14.99CDN. All you non canadians can figure out yourselves what it is in your local currency. 

Digikid1 by Level 12
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Loading Human Video Review

In case any Rifters are interested in Loading Human when it gets Touch support (which I assume it might do eventually or at least be hacked in) here's a review of the PSVR version. It's available now via Steam.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ5eiU1s...

Twist N' Shoot by Four Non Devs

Hi Everyone, I m not a dev, nor are my 3 others buddies but still we created a sorta game called Twist N' Shoot running on Google Cardboard. We call ourselves the Four Non Devs and we would be very happy to have some feedback...Twist N' Shoot on Goog...

VR-Fred by Level 2
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Slightly Heroes - price just reduced from $10 to 0!

Get the free game here - it's in the Oculus Store's sale folder, so I guess it won't be free forever (although in-app purchases are possible):https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/2136528436425547https://youtu.be/a8Q-BKpwAGYI'm guessing that the de...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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All games open on vr

Every time i open a game the oculus app opens and it makes the game into a vr versión. Because of this i cant play normally, I tried closing oculus app but it closes the game too and on the app settings there is no option to disable that.

Contractors Lag

Hi, quick question.I can run pretty much all the hyped game as Robo Recall etc.But when it comes to Contractors my graphic card Nvidia GTX 1060 3gb sets of in full steam between 90-99%And when i starts a game along comes the lag/ studdering.Is Contra...

Elite Dangerous: Friends Lists, Favorite Loadouts, etc.

Consider this the thread to invite fellow Elite Dangerous players to join your friendslists, on Oculus Home or Steam (to keep track of when people on either platform are playing), and of course within the game itself.My screenname is the same on all ...

CrashFu by Level 12
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