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Robo Recall Firearm Mod Instructable

Alrighty everyone! Here it is! The big day! I finally found the time to sit down and write this big thing out!The Custom Firearm tutorial is finally here! It's a huge, in-depth tutorial showing you how to do everything related to getting your custom ...

Doors of Silence does not save!

I have opened this game five times and each time I have played to a point usually three doors into it. When I close down and restart later the game starts at the beginning again, it does not save to the point I close at. Am I missing something or sho...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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VR Flight Sim Christmas Sales

Hi Guys, thought it might not be a bad idea to post about Christamas sales for our favourite flight sims in VR.I'll start with the Carenado sale at Just Flight:LINKYSome real cheap bargains in there - I've helped myself to the King Air B200 and the A...

Onward 40% off!

Onward is currently 40% off on both Oculus Home and Steam! Use coordination, communication, and marksmanship skill to complete objectives in this online milsim VR experience!https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/1216866718419997/

Quake updated for 1.4, CV1

I finally found some time to update my fork of the Quakespasm engine to work with the newest Oculus SDK. Still a gorgeous game after all these years. VR legs recommended!Download Link, a video and some more info:http://phoboslab.org/log/2016/05/quake...

Win a free VR headset bundle of your choice contest.

Hey everyone,As we get closer to launch, we are doing something really fun to help promote Scraper: First Strike. We are going to give away a free headset, the prequel novel and a big Labrodex swag bag. There are 5 second place prizes and 20 3rd plac...

DogDevs by Level 4
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The Robo Recall Dungeon Master Mod!

Hey guys! Just back to quickly plug my newest mod, the Dungeon Master Map Pack! It's a mod that randomly generates a 5x5 room dungeon every time you load the level, meaning that you get a very different level almost every time, for lots of replayabil...

Anyone Using SymLinks For Games?

Is anyone successfully using symlinks to put their Oculus games on different drives? SSDs that don't cost a King's ransom are usually pretty small. It would be nice to spread my VR games around them (I have 4 im my PC) to keep below the useful perfor...

VTOL VR Problem

Anyone else struggling to start once in the game?I'm getting to be on the aircraft carrier, with the F-22s landing and parking up. Everything looks as it should, but I am unable to physically press either of the two buttons on the podium (START or QU...

ATS and XPlane and Oculus Rift

Been enjoying my new Oculus Rift. Quite a learning curve. Aerofly2 is awesome, although landscape definitions could be much better. Trying to get XPlane and ATS to work. ATS involves to much keyboard interaction. Also video is pretty shaky. Same with...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Cirque du Soleil

Is this version in the new release section any different from the one released ages ago?

nrosko by Level 9
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In-game browser for Android, tested on the Oculus Go

Hi,I just opened up this project to the community and would love help from any openGL developers out there to speed it up! It uses the CPU to draw images from an Android WebView so you can open up a web browser in 3D space. It's still in Beta so ther...

Robinson the Jorney not accepting inputs

Hey all,I hope somebody can help me. I sadly bought Robinson the Jorney because people said it was a similar intense experience like Lone Echo. Now I am stuck at the point where I have to call the stupid dinosaur to the first fence with touch grip pl...

NWittje by Level 2
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New mech for our arcade vr game Attack Command

Worked out a great process for getting really clean line renders - will post to the blog soon. What do you think, more, less detail? More curves? We are going for a Battle Zone meets Tron look...https://twitter.com/StudioMystery/status/10715264442605...

Issue - so is it my new GFX card or 1.33 update?

My kids just love Minecraft in VR but it no longer loads? The program appears to start looks for updates, move to launching then drops me back Oculus HomeMy GeForce 970 died recently and I have replaced it with a RTX 2080 Ti (futureproofing?). Whilst...

AGL1 by Level 4
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KryptCrawler - Stuck in Level 4 (Lodric)

I'm now on the Lodric-Level. I gathered the 2 gems opened the door and tried to kill him; impossible, as he's stuck at firing magic balls and raising his minions (where I get to use the swords power with 999dmg).Anywho, I guess I'm still missing some...

ytdlder by Level 2
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Visionarium Early Access

Good news! I wanted to share my latest VR Artwork "Visionarium" with you guys! Its a 25 min. Visionary audio visual experience. highly influenced by mind expanding experiences. A lot of the content was created using Google Tiltbrush. Most of the geom...

Budget Cuts translations are now live!

Hello, Olá, 你好, こんにちは, und hallo!We have now added translations of our game Budget Cuts for the following languages:French ItalianGermanSpanishPortuguese (Portugal)Portuguese (Brazil)Chinese (Simplified)Chinese (Traditional)KoreanJapaneseRussianThis ...

Star Trek Bridge Crew - Controller Not Detected

I'm completely stuck. Whenever I boot up Star Trek Bridge Crew I recieve an error message saying "Controller not detected". But I used my controllers to get into the game!I can't get into a menu screen or anything. The game just has the window popped...

Sibleyy by Level 2
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Lazy crouching in VR

I dislike shooter games where you have to physically duck for cover and get back up all the time, without using your hands. It's too uncomfortable to keep doing it over a long session. So if there's no button for that I don't even buy them...Then whe...