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Level 2
Doarama™ is a WebGL based GPS track visualisation and sharing service. It leverages the open source Cesium WebGL virtual globe which provides accurate and detailed 3D terrain rendering directly within a web browser.

We have recently added support for the Oculus Rift Dev Kit 1. This allows you to share and view experiences based on real life GPS tracks of live or prerecorded activities. View as if you were flying alongside, whether it be a bike ride you did on the weekend, or Tom Weissenberger's recent hang-gliding world record!

All you need is your DK1 and a WebGL capable browser with VR.js installed. Hit the new eye button in the top right of the player…

Strap on your headset and away you go! Use keyboard up/down to zoom, Z/C to scrub, A/D for playback speed, space for play/pause. Try uploading your own GPS tracks as well.

Note that Firefox 30 has introduced a regression which causes a crash, and IE11 isn't supported by VR.js, so you’re best off using Chrome for now.

A good place to start is to go paragliding with Tom Payne and friends in the French Alps...