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free beat saber

Level 2

my husband bought me an occulus quest in August which was activated on September 9th after my birthday. the first I knew about the beat saber offer is when I got an email dated the 16th of September reminding me to redeem it unfortunately I did not actually get the email until the 24th (one day too late) as I was on holiday so I could not do anything about it. had I known about it sooner I would have redeemed it immediately! is there anything you can do to help? 


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Oh man, I totally know how emails can get lost, especially when you're on a holiday or vacation. But don't worry too much, the team over in Support should still be able to help you out!


Since it sounds like your link to redeem Beat Saber expired, your best bet is going to be to submit a ticket to the Support Team here: They should be able to look up your account and help you get your copy of Beat Saber! 


Best wishes! 😁

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