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"Adjust Height" (accessibility setting) doesn't work correctly with mixed reality on Quest 3


Hi there! I am a wheelchair user and so I always have to play in seated mode. Therefore, I always use the "Adjust Height" setting in the Accessibility section.

Unfortunately, this caused an issue with mixed reality, and it took me a while to figure out the adjustment was the cause; it wasn't a great experience. Every time I tried to set up the room around me for mixed reality, the flooring wouldn't be aligned properly. So I could never set it up fully.

I finally figured out that I needed to turn off the Adjust Height toggle, and then redo it. Then it worked very well.

Once I got my room set, I tried to turn back on the Adjust Height in the middle of playing First Encounters, but then what was happening was when the space pod landed at the beginning, it landed below the floor. I immediately turned back off Adjust Height and the space pod then appeared in the correct section.

Please support Adjust Height for mixed reality. This is important for accessibility / people with mobility issues / people who want to play in seated mode. I would hope that since Adjust Height makes an adjustment by an exact predictable amount, the entire mixed reality app should be able to account properly for that known offset. Thank you!


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey there! I completely agree! There is room to add more features to make sure everyone is able to get the best experience they can! I would highly provide this into our Idea Forums! I am sure others feel the same about this! 


However, I am glad you were able to get something working to play! 

We are all mad here.

Thank you for the info! I have reposted in the Ideas forum ( Just for reference though, this doesn't feel like an "idea" to me as this is not really a feature request. Accessibility is a basic need and this is really a bug with how an existing feature should be working; properly supporting accessibility shouldn't be just an idea/feature 🙂

Haha for sure still is a feature it should have however, features that should be added is basically a new idea for the community. Let's keep in mind not everyone would have thought about this or think they would need it. However, it should be like a boundary where you would adjust the level  strange how it was not added for the mixed reality. 

We are all mad here.