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ripcoil issues

Well, for Christmas we got touch from my boss no thanks to Oculus (order got canceled by Oculus for apparently no reason, then was asked to jump through hoops so I initially decided to wait instead and lucky thing I did :)), but I got ripcoil during the winter sale for free. I've played 2 games and absolutely loved it. However, since then I've had a hell of a time to actually find a game and since those first few days, when I do find a game, I just get a black screen. This seems to be the only game that does this and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Also, if anyone is looking to add another to their friends list, my ID is TazX14. 

Rising Star
In my experience it's hit and miss with Ripcoil. 

Sometimes it looks like I am being paired with another player but it just stops progressing/connecting and stays on the same status on the big screen in front of you. 

If this happens, best to just cancel and try again because it will never ever connect.