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royal flush

Honored Guest

Was playing i hit a royal flush now i cant find it do you get something for getting it i never recovery any thing.


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey there! Could you elaborate on this? I want to make sure we can provide assistance!

We are all mad here.

Retired Support

hey @Colt2245.IND, it seems like PokerStars (I assume this is the game you are playing. your post is a little vague) has a bit of an issue with hitting a flush. I've seen a couple of instances where people hit but didn't get the prize. This might be something to bring up with the app developers themselves, because support wouldn't really be able to help because it might be considered in game content. Hope this clears up what you should do next. 

Honored Guest

Other player have hit Royal flush they gave them something for getting the Royal flush but I never got anything 

It might just affect some players. Being that it's a bug, it wouldn't really be an "everyone" kind of thing. If it is something within the Pokerstars community, you would really have to go through their point of contact to see what you can do about the situation. Especially if you spent money in the game to deal your hand. Either way, Im not sure that Meta Store Support can help as far as looking into what a sufficient prize would be.