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Heroic Explorer
Not working for the last few days - anyone else?

I always had problems with it so I uninstalled it.  I tried troubleshooting with support but nothing worked.  At first, when trying to download certain videos, it would hang at 99% and it wouldn't budge for over 10 minutes (when rest would seem to go fast).  When playing videos (streaming or the ones that downloaded), 5 to 10 seconds in it would freeze.  The 'view' become a flat screen if you will where if I turn my head I can see the black surrounding borders.  I'd have to take the hmd off and use task manager to close it.  After the Home update, believe 1.4 or 1.5, it wouldn't even start....just hangs at the black screen with the hour glass.  I've deleted the directory, used a clear setting utility that support sent me but nothing.  There was an update the other day for me and tried it again and it started but still had the freezing/ crashing of the vids/app.  I even removed one of my cards to see if that was what was causing the problem.  Vrideo sent all my logs they asked for to their tech support team and see if they can do anything but nothing so far.

I've had the same problems with this one, and it's the only app from Oculus Home I've actually uninstalled and gave up on.  Constant crashes, glitches, and overall just low quality.  I did like that it had a download feature, and vote up/down on videos.  Maybe if they fix it so it runs without constant crashing I'll give it another shot some day, but plenty of other working video apps with mostly the same videos.

Heroic Explorer
I meant to get bk on this post im getting error 1971052 specificly...《 spelling...... it wont start after working fine would re-downloading help ?              forget it- unloading an reinstalling sorted it -not the workup I thought it was gonna be

Honored Guest
Hi guys, this is Kuangwei the CTO from Vrideo.  I am sorry that you guys are seeing these problems.  There have been tremendous traffic over the past few days.  On the morning of July 2nd UTC time we fine tuned our database for best scalability and are seeing less than 5% load now (down from 80-90%), which means you all should see much better performance now on screen loading time.

The other issue regarding downloaded videos stuck at 99%.  We are able to reproduce this issue with large videos being downloaded (>1GB), we are issuing an update soon to for this fix.

"When playing videos (streaming or the ones that downloaded), 5 to 10 seconds in it would freeze.  The 'view' become a flat screen if you will where if I turn my head I can see the black surrounding borders."
<-- This appears to be a non-fatal app crash/freeze while head tracking is still functional, but Oculus is not getting new frames anymore.  Could you confirm your system spec (What is your CPU, GPU, motherboard, harddrive/SSD combo, and internet download and upload speed via  I think you are the user who reported using Nvidia SLI with dual GTX 980 via our support ticket system.  I haven't heard from you since suggesting unplugging one card to see if that fixes the problem on June 15th, so assume something got fixed.  If removing a GPU card from a dual GTX 980 SLI system does fix, or does not fix the problem, that's one key information for our developers to go on to fix this issue.

TheKreator, could you give me your system spec as well?  Where does it crash for you the most?  Any consistent crash behavior when following a specific path or perform a certain action?  We're always looking to improve our app.

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Hi all,
    This is Sean from Vrideo. Just want to be another resource for you if you have any other questions / concerns. As Kuangwei mentioned, we've made a fix that will be pushed out soon for the download crashes. For anything else, please feel free to reach out to me directly at