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I accidentally changed my oculus username

i wanted to change my oculus username i typed a couple in to see how they looked but i accidentally pressed confirm i nthe setting how can i change it back without waiting 6 months. i tried to contact support but the only tab i could find that could ...

Astr0_- by Level 2
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New oculus setup

I had a problem and I had to get a new oculus and I’m trying to setup the oculus that I got as a replacement. I’m stuck on the screen that shows to take out the tabs on the controllers and it won’t pair to my phone. What do I do?

25% off credits

So I have 20$ in credits that say your credit will be available in 0 days. It’s been like this for a few days. I can’t see my credits in my wallet. Please help.

Djjawz by Level 2
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Everything meta related doesn’t work on my main Wi-Fi.

Hi, I’m currently typing this on my phone with cellular data sense using my main Wi-Fi won’t work with anything meta. If anybody can help me fix this please do. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING meta related doesn’t work, the pc app, mobile app, and t...

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