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Router Restarts when using AirLink

I have been using AirLink on my Quest 2 since I got it a couple months ago. It works great, low latency, good quality, but the problem is every so often my router just completely restarts when using AirLink. It doesn't any other time, and nothing sho...

Oculasquest2 grip stuck

so today the right grip got stuck and I'm unable to play any game with grip and I tried looking if there was any way to fix this. And so far I've got nothing does anyone have a way to fix this? And if not is there anyway to request another?


App wont install.

I play Gorilla Tag and I wanted mods. I looked up a youtube video and it worked but then I went on a different account on the same Oculus and I uninstalled Gorilla Tag because it wouldn't update. After that, I tried installing it and it wouldn't inst...

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