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Quest pro can't pair with controllers and my app

So my controllers was showing the overheat note all the time, then i saw fac reset can solve the problem, so i did, then i just thought clear out everything would be better, so i went to the web and wiped my pro out of my app. The first issue came ou...

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Eeviluke by Honored Guest
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Censorship on the Help Forums

HiYesterday I posted about how my post about customer service was censored https://communityforums.atmeta.com/t5/Get-Help/Support-chat-how-to-discuss-communications/m-p/1021470/emcs_t/S2h8ZW1haWx8bWVudGlvbl9zdWJzY3JpcHRpb258TENZN1dEMzVINklTWFZ8MTAyMT...

My oculus is messed up

When I turn on my oculus quest 2 it shows meta symbol then goes to a screen that shows a box symbol with an arrow pointing inside the box with a loading bar below that when the loading bar is full and gets done loading my oculus goes to a black scree...

Failure to set up after restore.

My oculus stopped allowing content to be shared, so we deleted the second account, then it refused to allow me to add a second account to the device. I decided to restore to factory settings and removed the device from my account and now I can't get ...

ZOMBHR by Honored Guest
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