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[APK] Dogfight Elite VR

HiYou can get the apk from the pagehttp://challengepost.com/software/dogfight-elite-vrUploaded a screen recording of the game. It goes really slow because the adb command slows it drastically but I hope it shows how it looks Updated youtube link!

creat326 by Protege
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The Great APK Bundle

Howdy!Downloading the individual APK's is a special form of Hell, so we're 80% complete in downloading them all and releasing them in one combined file. The benefits of this are:You get to keep your precious time and use it play VR Jam Games.Smaller ...

WENDY—Play It Now [Bronze][Open Source]

Find on the Gear VR store or Play as Wendy—a young woman who always imagined herself as a witch. Cuddled up with your pet cat, you sit alone one Halloween night, drinking wine and eating candy—you find yourself falling asleep and into a dream.You awa...

Dima by Explorer
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Sightline [DK2 support released]

I'm excited to announce that the crowdfunding campaign for SightLine has launched! Official website | Facebook PageHelp us make this reality! Share and comment!  As a special treat, he's the last part of SightLine Prelude, finishing the surreal sci-...

Frooxius by Honored Guest
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Thank You Oculus

I remember watching Lawn Mower Man on VHS and being excited about how goo VR looked compared to Atari on a little B and W TV. Too bad it needed a super computer to run it. I never thought I could own my own VR system but if I lived to be 80 maybe I c...

Chimera Reader- A VR EBook Reader

Hey guys,We created a VR ebook reader for the Oculus 2015 VR Jam. It would be great if you could help test out our app. Note, due the Unreal Engine restriction the app currently only work on Android 4.4 (Kitkat).Try it out (apk): https://vrjam-submis...

DB_Blake by Honored Guest
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[UPDATE - v1.1] Alone

Check out our website!http://www.greenwoodgames.comHere is a link to our website and facebook where you can find out more information about Alone and it's continued development in the near future.Greenwood GamesFacebook-------------------------------...

[FINISHED+APK+DK2] Telescopic

Ahhh, finally done! Here's Telescopic:ChallengePost page is here.APK Download: https://vrjam-submissions.s3.amazonaws.com/signed/6bd5fd75bc9b/pWhcRIlTEKyziXdy3cGE_TelescopicVRJam.apkDK2 Windows Download:https://www.adrive.com/public/znm3ZT/Telescopic...

drash by Heroic Explorer
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hi,why not subtitles for oclos video?as app of BSplayer have subtitles help pls thx...

eyal1988 by Honored Guest
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Hi every one

i have a problem with my gear vr . It clicl work very late after w8t and click againg againgplz any one can help me

Abassy123 by Honored Guest
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My VR broke

i bought oculus on july 2016 and on october 2016 it broke i arledy did the steps that one of the staff of oculus gave me but it didn't work. since im still in the warranty time i wonder if i could change it with a new one.

Arizona Sunshine Discord

Who owns Arizona Sunshine?? I haven't been able to play any multiplayer yet since nobody i know owns it, so lets all get together on discord and try to set up multiplayer hangouts and stuff. It'd be nice if we could all play together. https://discord...

redeem code doesn't work..

keep getting errors. got the redeem code from Verizon when I purchased. doesn't expire til April 2017...but I keep getting this.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quill - live performance art & video

Hello, I'm interested in using the oculus rift with quill to produce live performance art as well as video. I'm wondering about the capabilities:1. Create virtual illustration, then have a performance artist interact with it live, projecting the vide...

KarenDeer by Honored Guest
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art in virtual reality world

http://issuu.com/ Hundreds of years ago before we had much of anything technology wise art was used to tell stories which were then shown to people as a show using illusion to bring the panoramic scene into 360 degrees. The panorama was painted on ho...

67bokp3oqzp6.jpg 19ccie6f1gdv.jpg
Ssosum by Honored Guest
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[RELEASE] EpicDragon VR [DL link]

Hi everybody!We are done working on this for now, we had a great time and Im very glad to have the time test all your games now!EpicDragon VR puts the player on the back of a dragon, soaring the skies of a strange fantasy world. The overall design is...

KominAaa by Honored Guest
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[APK] Mystery of Malfaxus by Selzier > Play / Vote / Like!

****Check out the project and download here:http://challengepost.com/software/mystery-of-malfaxus****Direct link to APK: https://vrjam-submissions.s3.amazonaws.com/signed/28f57f457c9f/YJ4Xl45TQoq3m2QZHdGq_malfaxus_V1.apk**** Mystery of Malfaxus *****...

Selzier by Honored Guest
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VR JAM - "VR: House of Languages" + APK/Video

Hello Guys, Great to hear you. My name is Maxim Miheyenko, I am working on project "VR: House of Languages" for new way to learn English/Germany/Spain/French (and more) languages by VR.House of Languages - it is new way to learn English/German/Spanis...

Installing Apk in Samsung S7 problem

Hi DevelopersSome problems here! everytime that i want to install the apk of my unity project, the applications ask me to download actualizations and installing it everytime that i open it!, i want to open my app without installing it everytime, just...

argele by Honored Guest
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