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What is the best vr game for fitness?

I'm an ex athlete in my 40s retired for almost 15 years now. I still train regularly and for me the best apps I've used are Thrill of the Fight and Fit XR. These two, if I strap on wearable weight, give me the best workout. Well I don't actually need...

drulj2 by Honored Guest
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How would you rank the Resident Evil VR games

Just going off the mods, I think it's reverse order for me- 8, 7, 3, then 2. Just the fact that 7 and 8 were built for 1st person goes a long way. RE2 was a little too puzzle heavy (finding keys) for VR for me, wanted more action compared to flatscre...

thelsun1 by Honored Guest
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Gorilla tag is so bad now.

unpopular opinion gorilla tag is honestly so ass everything is just boring and I can't even go into a lobby without having 8 year olds moaning and saying racial slurs every 2 nano seconds, modders flying around with a sound board thinking they're hot...

jayadb3 by Honored Guest
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Amazing games that fly under the radar?

I've recently discovered some hidden gems on applab. They definitely deserve more recognition so I thought I'd share: Squingle (Trippy Puzzler) Neodori Infinity (Retro Racer) Masternoid (Brick Breaker) Realms Of Flow (Meditation/Relaxation) All of th...

Fallout 3 or older

As a disabled veteran I have limited movement but with the vr games I am able to play a lot of games that fall in line with my physical therapy program. I know everyone has their favorite games and mine is the fallout games up to the 76. 76 is fun bu...

12887jel by Honored Guest
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