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I got banned in Gorilla Tag (falsely)

I was peacefully playing Gorilla Tag in a casual lobby trying to practice my branching as per usual and I see someone modding, but it’s a casual lobby remember so I just thought it was allowed and was able to ignore it either way.This was until someo...

Echo VR

Is There any way Echo VR can be brought back even with an new version or new name?

Daxmanp by Explorer
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Report IP Theft

Real VR Fishing is selling stolen concept, content and gameplay how can this be reported to resolve? Tried support but it's a top seller and they have no intrest.RVRF has blocked me and will not respond to email. They threaten people who inquire.plz ...

okeyone by Protege
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Help with National Geographic

I am new to Meta 3 and there are games that I don’t know how to navigate like I got national geographic and I am in a building but don’t have a clue what to do next. I really enjoy geography and saw France how do I find other places? Saw David Attenb...

Cannot update Snapshot VR game

I recently had a friend gift me Snapshot VR through through my Oculus app, I redeemed it and downloaded the game on my Oculus Quest 1, however, when I open the game it exits and brings me to the website of the game telling me that I need to update th...

li3uid by Honored Guest
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Avoid making purchases on here at ALL COSTS.MOST VR games are on Steam or EGS where the company KNOWS how gaming services work and will be willing to continue to provide you with downloads for the licenses you own. digital games are just TICKETS to d...

The never ending Paypal troubles

Like so many others I jumped the gun and ordered a Quest 3 to one day replace my aging Quest 1.Am one of these instantly sea-sick people, so my main use is for movies and immersive experience that are motion sick friendly.The first stung came in the ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Complain t

I have an oculus quest 1. When they first came out in the UK there was a long wait due to stock issues so I ended up purchasing from Amazon (Germany). Now one of my controllers has broken, but I cannot get a replacement as my address is in UK and Met...

PBJimmy by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Help - Bonelab Arm Glitch

Hello to anyone reading this my character in bonelab is glitched and i dont know what to do, the arm is out and i cant get it back in, i try changing avatars and resetting game, and i dont wanna make a stupid decisions like redownloading if there is ...

Awj-101 by Honored Guest
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Casting Quest on mobile broadband connection

I fixed this once upon a time but I can't figure out how to do it again. I'm on an EE mobile broadband connection, which limits the ability to play games online and also to cast from the Oculus Quest. The previous solution I found online either invol...

roblox vr not working

i use roblox vr a lot, but right now its not working. i connected my vr to my pc and then made sure i was in the quest link place. i then go to my browser and join a game, but instead of joining the game in vr, it joins on my desktop. i closed quest ...

Moss Twilight Garden Metal Crab

In the third Twilight Garden, I have hit all three of the power posts, but the Metal Crab does not drop down to a lower platform. Am I missing doing something more? Can not hit him with sword bolts at the upper platform. Help! I'm totally stuck!

Mama-Mimi by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 downgrade runtime version

Hi,We have two Quest 2 with different runtime versions: and Our app crashes with the newer version but works fine with the old one.How can we get the old version for manual downgrading?Thanks