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Saving experiences to enjoy again.

After viewing immersive free videos on Explore or Utube I have tried to save a few for future access by clicking the save button via the 3 dots next to each video. Despite this I have never successfully saved one. These free videos are changing all t...

lying down mode

Hi, to me it was the biggest bummer that the quest does not even works while lying in Bed or that you can change the height when you seating, so that for example those Beat Saber cubes aren't suddenly flying all the way in your face. I want use the P...

mhKay by Honored Guest
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lemon loader failed to patch

When I try to patch lemon loader it fails and I tried to delete lemon loader and I tried to delete bonelab and tried to change the version of it but it did nothing so I don't know what to do

Resolved! When will oculus link software be fixed for amd cards?

Hi there,amd fixed their vr drivers a while ago - and while Q2 pcvr with amd cards works kind of marvellous via VD now, it still doesn't with link and air link. Since i am planing to give my son a new gpu for christmas that he can use for more than a...

Faster Way to use PCVR Only?

I use my Quest 2 EXCLUSIVELY has a display for iRacing.Right now, the process is:Power up the Quest 2Accept the “Allow Access to Data” prompt that appears when using a Link cable.Click “Settings”Click “Launch Link”Click on “Virtual Desktop”Is there a...

Movement is Annoying

So whenever I try to walk in games like rec room, population one, or other multiplayer games like that, the movement is really annoying (I think it's apart of the update where you have to look forward to move forward, or move your hands to move). So ...


Is anyone having problems with Sky Worlds Beta on your headset. This problem has just appeared.I get the logo and the screen loads up but when I look at it directly a black mask appears. Not sure if sky are responsible for this as I have no problems ...

Quest 2 having Quest 1 issues.

When i load onto Rec Room my game crashes and slowly fades to a permenant black screen. Ive tried uninstalling the app and factory resetting but it did nothing. I contacted the game support and they they told me it was because im on quest 1, but im o...

Buyer beware - Meta products are pure garbage

Bought the Elite strap with battery, and without fail within 6-12 months the item fails to charge. Exact same problem - almost like Meta manufactures garbage!Meta replaced a few times, but the issue occurred again and now refuses to replace - guess w...

Start a video when someone put the oculus

Hello everybody, I would like to program my oculus for an exhibition. I did a VR 360 video that I wanna show to my audience trough an oculus meta quest 2. The best way to do it for me is if people put the headset on the video start and when they remo...

Abusive children getting my account suspended

So this has been an ongoing and extremely frustrating issue I've been dealing with and I'm curious how many other people are having similar problems. Without going into extreme detail my daughter and I like to play some of the games on Meta Horizon t...

VR lags on laptop

I have problem, whem i playing vr chat or other steam vr games, i have many glitches(freze) and lags in hl:alyx or vrchat graphics settings low, how can i fix it? My spec: rtx 3060 laptop, i5-11300H, 16 ram. Win 11    

countdracula1999_0-1692098193351.jpeg countdracula1999_1-1692098193060.jpeg countdracula1999_2-1692098193049.jpeg

Terrible product

After spending some time with support I can honestly say this is a joke. I have yet since purchase to find one working product in the occulus store. The only things the agents know how to do is tell you to restart, reinstall over and over. To be hone...

Graevon by Explorer
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Resolved! Help - Bonelab Arm Glitch

Hello to anyone reading this my character in bonelab is glitched and i dont know what to do, the arm is out and i cant get it back in, i try changing avatars and resetting game, and i dont wanna make a stupid decisions like redownloading if there is ...

Awj-101 by Honored Guest
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Having to buy a game thats free?

I'm a bit confused on why on the oculus app on my PC is telling me I have to buy Gorilla Tag when it's a free game that I also already own. Am I missing something?

firefox27 by Honored Guest
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Oculus link stops working randomly with cable

Every now and then I'm having this issue where I'm playing a random game like VRchat or Pavlov through quest link cable smoothly and then the image freezes on the headset even though the game is still running on the pc. To connect again I have to rec...

Valjua by Honored Guest
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Golf+ not showing images

I recently purchased golf+ and I like the game a lot but I feel like the UI is not what it should be. It feels like images are missing. Is this how it should look?    what can I do about this? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that didn’t ...

IMG_1303.jpeg IMG_1304.jpeg IMG_1302.jpeg IMG_1305.jpeg
Az1rish by Honored Guest
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