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Stuck on Asgard's wrath 2

Hello! I really like the game Asgard Wrath 2, but I got to the middle of the game and it froze at the level where you need to find the third solar disk in the sky castle. I completed the tasks, found the disk, but I can't take it, it shows that I hav...

Rama2 by Guest
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I got banned in Gorilla Tag (falsely)

I was peacefully playing Gorilla Tag in a casual lobby trying to practice my branching as per usual and I see someone modding, but it’s a casual lobby remember so I just thought it was allowed and was able to ignore it either way.This was until someo...

Echo VR

Is There any way Echo VR can be brought back even with an new version or new name?

Daxmanp by Explorer
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After my last post about missing improvements has gone unanswered ! (Surprised Not!) after 2 years of being in the PTC I've decided to leave and go back to regular builds in the hope that I will get the mentioned features in the future, I would encou...

M0RIATY by Adventurer
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Resolved! NFL Pro Era II Team Balls

Hi friends... I am in my second season of NFL Pro Era II and in the trophy area of the locker room is a section of footballs with team names. The only one in there is Denver Broncos. What are these for? When do they show up?Thanks!John

John1964 by Honored Guest
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YouTube VR App Now Supports 8K

Quest 3 only. Great news, especially with the new Insta360 X4 camera coming along. "Version 1.54 of YouTube VR introduces support for 8K video playback, but only on Quest 3. If you have version 1.54 or higher installed, you can select the "4320p" or ...

working on VR game, plese help me to come up with a name

so yah, im working on a game, here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz6G5G_gYUo so far im calling it "rebels arena VR" but i dont realy like the name. maybe someone have catchy name idea that is not AI/ChatGPT generated short about my game:mult...

ArveKarve by Honored Guest
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Asgard’s Wrath Excavated Garrison

Ok, I have Djehuty and I’ve travelled back to the great sand sea, to a cave called the Excavated Garrison. There are two blue squares to hit to open the door. I’m assuming because you need Djehuty that I need to use portals to do this fast enough, bu...

Just share a positive experience

Hello, I would like to share a story that we experienced with the Quest. My father has always been a fishing enthusiast. Unfortunately, at 75 years old, he has difficulty moving around and it’s no longer possible for him to practice his passion. His ...

Skip opening scene in First Encounters

I love the First Encounters app on my Quest 3. But if you play it repeatedly, the opening scene becomes boring. (From the spaceship coming through the ceiling till the real shooting starts, esp the ‘knocking’ takes too long and adds nothing to the ga...

DJ454 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Arizona Sunshine 2 - Buddy Frozen in chapter 18

In playing (on my Quest 3) Arizona Sunshine 2, chapter 18, Buddy is in the lab and just woken up. I'm behind glass and can't interact with him. From watching videos of others, after the doctor (bad guy) makes his speech buddy attacks him and the game...

Big Screen

What is the point of the cinema trailers if in UK you cannot watch a full movie? What is the point of Big Screen without movies?

Does Meta sponsor or support events?

My organization has built a VR experience being sold through the meta store, in collaboration with a world #1 athlete. We're running a charity event to launch it, does Meta support such events either through sponsorship, donating headsets to charity ...

Asgard’s Wrath 2: Cannot obtain last Enhanced Whetstone

 I finished game and started maxing all weapons out. Noticed I needed one more enhanced whetstone to finish Abraxas’ Champion Axe. There’s one quest the system didn’t check off being”Convince Thoth to join Horus’’s cause” how can I get the last enhan...

JP-1111 by Honored Guest
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Asgards Wrath 2 Soundtrack

Hello there. This is not really a post about some problem but I didn't know where else to ask. Is there a way to buy the soundtrack for Asgards Wrath 2 somewhere? I would love to have this amazing music to listen to even outside the game! Kind regard...

Help with National Geographic

I am new to Meta 3 and there are games that I don’t know how to navigate like I got national geographic and I am in a building but don’t have a clue what to do next. I really enjoy geography and saw France how do I find other places? Saw David Attenb...

Resolved! Asgards Wrath 2 Tanu (Game Breaking Bug)

Can anyone suggest a solution for this Tanu bug I came across!? I’ve already collected the stone in his stomach before the storyline progressed me to do so, when ever the main mission tells me to go inside of his stomach it doesn’t progress farther t...


My son has autism, loves the snow is there any apps where he can walk in the snow as it's falling.


I have Meta Quest 2 and 3, when playing Golf+ with Quest 2 my driving range is about 290 yards, when using Quest 3, my driving range is about 330 yards, in both case I have the same club and the same user, I'm on V1 physics on both headset, in fact w...

Dignard52 by Honored Guest
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Avoid making purchases on here at ALL COSTS.MOST VR games are on Steam or EGS where the company KNOWS how gaming services work and will be willing to continue to provide you with downloads for the licenses you own. digital games are just TICKETS to d...