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Are the bigscreen beyond reviews fake?

Every BSB review goes like this "It's the king of visuals, like using vr for the first time, it's my new go to headset that I use all of the time." But then, I go to their youtube page and all of the videos after that review are them in a Quest 3. It...

wyaneb1 by Honored Guest
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So, how close are we to a similar thing to ready player one?

I dont know anything abput modern virtual reality, but is there something near that? Or are we more headed into the augmented reality for now? I saw a couple of vids of people transforming the exterior, but is it too far away in time to be inserted m...

KIWI Battery Strap vs Bobovr M3 Pro

I want to order a replacement strap for my Q3 asap. However, I'm having a really hard time deciding which to try. My previous headset was a Rift S that I found very comfortable, so I was leaning Halo style. But A lot of people like the kiwi comfort b...

I got my first Quest today.

Steering rack expansion hose inlet threads damagedI’ve been an Index player for a little while now. I’ve never played with a Quest before and I’ve never put on a headset with pass through. Today I got a Quest 3. After playing Asgard’s Wrath 2 for a c...

et.957271 by Honored Guest
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Is there no money in PCVR or what?

Am I naive for thinking if meta ported AC:Nexus to PC that the hundreds of thousands of PCVR players would make them profit? Or would it genuinely cost too much for them to port it? I know PCs have way higher entry prices, but what about everyone who...

Thinking about buying one?

So I’m pretty curious about diving into VR and especially when it comes to gaming. I don’t consider myself a hardcore gamer but I do like a good story driven game. I was thinking in getting a PS5 But I currently have a switch and an Xbox Series S. Th...

Got the Quest 3, a nice but not 'mindblowing' upgrade

I didn't know quite what to expect, but overall it's a good upgrade. Field of view is by far the best upgrade, as you just feel more immersed. Mainly tested it with PCVR so far and it's much smoother, crisper and just more enjoyable. However, overall...

j1assa by Honored Guest
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Thoughts on 128GB vs 512GB for Quest 3?

Hi everyone! I'm new to the whole Oculus/Meta Quest as I've only ever owned wired VR headsets to the PC I was wondering if you guys will be getting the 128GB or the 512GB model, and which would you recommend? I noticed the 512GB model also comes with...

b1onny by Honored Guest
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Steam Link on Meta is like Xbox Gamepass on PlayStation

I don’t see anyone talking about how huge this is. Putting aside what gets better performance (Steam Link, Air Link or Virtual Desktop), the fact that Meta let a direct competitor onto their headset so that you can play games you didn’t buy on their ...

a1ngar by Honored Guest
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