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I am posting here, before I take actions through other avenues regarding this sadly common issue. I want others to know what Meta deems as ‘acceptable’ practices in regards to the the expectation (and exploitation) of their users, before I take this ...

Meta Quest for Brazil!

I would sincerely be so happy if Meta considered Brazil as a potential market for VR, although VR over here is not as popular as it is in North America or Europe, that is because most people haven't had the chance to get their hands on an easily acce...

Microsoft & Meta, to be or not to be….

Ok, sometimes Meta do announce things that do not turn in to Reality, just thinking of Horizon Worlds that didn`t make it to alot of countries like the Nordics and no announced roadmap for it.Yeah i still got the Quest Pro and before that all the oth...

JohSm67 by Rising Star
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Resolved! Add Spain to Horizon Worlds Registration

ENGLISH (INGLÉS):In Horizon Worlds Registration: Isn't possible to select Spain as Country. Spain doesn't appear in the country list. How it's seen in the next screenshots:   Spain have a big community...

IMG_20211213_120742.jpg IMG_20211213_120759.jpg IMG_20211213_120815.jpg IMG_20211213_120844.jpg