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Beware - Oculus Quest 2 Defective

I purchased a Meta Quest 2 product via Amazon two years ago (mid 2021). I have used this device three times total. Recently, it stopped turning on. After investigating I learned that this is a known issue with devices made during this time period - t...

BenCrovs by Honored Guest
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Newbie VR Question

Hello everyone, so I'm really curious about VR and I planning to buy one and try it. What's the best entry VR headset? I'm not looking for the best one because I'm not even sure I'll like it and that I'll use it in the long term.How does it really wo...

krisameto by Honored Guest
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Using Q3 after eye operation (multifocal lenses)

I will be getting an operation on my eyes to replace my natural lenses with multifocal/trifocal lenses which should make me see clearly in far distance, middle distance (60-70cm) and short distance (30-40cm). Today the doctor told me that i might nee...

Meta Quest for Brazil!

I would sincerely be so happy if Meta considered Brazil as a potential market for VR, although VR over here is not as popular as it is in North America or Europe, that is because most people haven't had the chance to get their hands on an easily acce...

Resolved! Steam VR not launching in my headset (quest 2 )

I have been using air link to play PC games with my quest 2 for a while now. I used to be able to simply click on steam VR while using desktop mode in air link then the application will launch and I'm good to go. But now I cannot. Once I'm in the air...

Gabatron by Explorer
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Device with no controllers-

i factory reseted my oculus bc i got it used but for free and the guy didnt give me controllers with it so i dont know how i am supposed to move on from here, can someone please help

Two Technical Questions - Live Streaming with Quest 2

Hello, everyone I have interest in Meta Quest 2 or newest version I have Intel NUC 13 Pro Kit (Small Intel CPU installed PC), to where a camera is connected That camera will send indoor live stream to NUC Also, that NUC has OS as Ubuntu 20 That NUC h...

NexReal by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Quest 3

Has anyone been able to confirm that the quest 3s' head strap and face pad will be able to be removed for 3rd party accessories?

Live-stream comedy event for people using VR headset - HELP

Hi allI have the Insta360 ONE X2 which can be used to livestream into Facebook, YouTube, Kwai Live, and RTMP.I've tried doing this during one of our nights for people at home to tune into via their VR headsets, however the bandwidth seems to cutout a...

mrhpalmer by Honored Guest
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Great Ideas

 Yall This a greatest ideas coming with best technology.. really inspiring a lot people and in the world