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Support for Quest 3 Controllers on Quest 2 Headset?!?!?!

I have Quest Pro Controllers that I have been using on my Quest 2 (Great!!)I purchased a Quest 3 and will be moving the Quest Pro Controllers to it.I would like/prefer to pair my Quest 3 Controllers to my Quest 2 Headset.Currently this is not an opti...

Quest 2

Hello, I would like to ask the reason why lenses can melt.

jr.676011 by Honored Guest
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I am posting here, before I take actions through other avenues regarding this sadly common issue. I want others to know what Meta deems as ‘acceptable’ practices in regards to the the expectation (and exploitation) of their users, before I take this ...

VENOM-o.O by Honored Guest
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VR data for developers

Hi all,We are a dedicated VR team based in Sweden, and we are looking for some data and creating a market research for our VR app. 1. How many VR-users do we have in Sweden (and Globally?) today?2. We want to send out a survey to VR users for market ...

Headgear for Quest 2

I am looking to purchase new headgear for my Quest 2. This is what I am considering - see below. I wanted to know if users like this head gear and if not do you have any recommendations? HINOVO 5-in-1 Head Strap for Oculus Quest 2 6000mAh Battery hea...

Mike3803 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! What has changed? Oculus Quest 2 x Meta Quest 2

Hi! I recently got an Oculus Quest 2, I saw that it was renamed to Meta Quest 2, does that mean I have a first generation of the product? What are the differences between the Oculus Quest 2 and the Meta Quest 2? I didn't find anything on google about...

My PS4 controller behaves like a Meta VR controller.

Hi, I have a Meta Quest 2 that I recently had to develop applications but also to play Android games on it. However, I have a problem with my PS4 controller when I connect it via Bluetooth. The PS4 controller behaves not like a PS4 controller but lik...

JeanHeon by Honored Guest
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Please share your experiences with this government website if they turned your Quest 3 into a

Thinking about buying the be but have questions

Spoiler (Highlight to read)Hello everyone! I’m currently thinking about buying one of the VR systems, but I have a question.How does setting up multiplayer go? Would each headset have to purchase the same game to play multiplayer? I’ve seen a lot of ...

Anb0519 by Honored Guest
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Accessibility question

Hi. This is one of those questions that is going to take a lot of explaining up front. Sorry. I run a non-profit for disabled adults wiyh profound intellectual disabilities, most of who are bedbound or non-ambulatory. Everyone is happy, but there are...

Resolved! Class group chat on WhatsApp

After school I set a poll on class group chat “once I have the meta quest 3 who wants my quest 2?” Four ppl of my class wanted my quest 2 & three ppl don’t, non of my class have Any VR headsets the only thing I wanted to do is to buy four quest 2 or ...

Resolved! Passthrough

Is it possible to make the Meta Quest 2 passthrough clear instead of grey?

Resolved! Soundboards

My 13 year old is very interested in getting a soundboard to use while playing games like Among Us and Gorilla Tag. Is this bannable? If not, can anyone offer insight on where to start? Does he need to play on PC for that or with a Steam account? Typ...

Upgrade to Quest 3

Does anyone yet know if we will be able to migrate our Quest 2 games if we buy a Quest 3, or do we have to buy all new copies? Thanks.

Meta Quest for Brazil!

I would sincerely be so happy if Meta considered Brazil as a potential market for VR, although VR over here is not as popular as it is in North America or Europe, that is because most people haven't had the chance to get their hands on an easily acce...

PC control interferes with Oculus quest 2 via quest link

In the option to be able to see what appears on the monitor in the Oculus quest 2 and it looks great on a large screen, then I want to play the other games on that large screen that is visible, so I connect the control, the PC recognizes it but also ...

Schnaizel by Honored Guest
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Graphic card compatibility

Hi all I’m looking into purchasing a gaming laptop to expand my kids VR experience. I’m not very savvy with determining the graphic card compatibility though, so am hoping someone can help. I’m looking at two laptops atm, one has NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3...

MelGoodie by Honored Guest
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my prescription glasses are smudging up my lenses

I have a question I just got my Oculus Mega Quest 2 and I wear prescription glasses but it seems that my prescription glasses are smudging up my lenses on my Oculus system is there a way to fix this or a way to replace it?

Support Intel Arc A750

Hello, I would much appreciate if there was a way you could get the Oculus Link to at least try to support experimental GPUs, instead of barring us out from the start. Even if it were a developer/experimental toggle.I'm pretty bummed out that I have ...

How can I watch Dear Angelica?

I have heard really great things about Dear Angelica. However it seems impossible to find and play on my Quest. I have found the page on my computer and hit the "purchased" but nothing happens. It's so frustrating!

Oculus Quest 2 will not turn on

Was using my Oculus and it glitched and shut down, now it will not turn on. I have called technical support and they are unable to help me. They offered me to buy a refurbished unit because it is out of warranty. The unit is only a year and a half ol...