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Can I connect my Quest 3 controllers to my Quest 2?

I have Quest Pro Controllers that I have been using on my Quest 2 (Great!!)I purchased a Quest 3 and will be moving the Quest Pro Controllers to it.I would like/prefer to pair my Quest 3 Controllers to my Quest 2 Headset.Currently this is not an opti...


I am posting here, before I take actions through other avenues regarding this sadly common issue. I want others to know what Meta deems as ‘acceptable’ practices in regards to the the expectation (and exploitation) of their users, before I take this ...

'chrome' browser based work

Hey guys, I'm looking at joining the meta quest community, I think with the 3. My main use would be for a web based clinical application we use for patient consultation and record keeping. Chrome is the preferred browser and ideally all of your Googl...

Azledazle by Honored Guest
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Dealing with referral reviews

I have reported a few of these messages by shaking the phone but received negative feedback (it is okay to post something like this) feedback.So with this post I hope to start a discussion (here or internally) about how-to-deal with referral-reviews,...

1000036010.png 1000036012.png

Quest 3/Oculus Link Cable - What Finally Worked for Me

Posting this here in the hope that it might help someone with Quest 3/Link Cable issues.I finally got my Oculus Link Cable to work by purchasing a powered USB hub (I picked up this Anker from scAmazon) and plugging that into my highest power USB-C po...

Quest VR3 USB Boot Loop / Still no solution

Here's my original post and my experience with the customer support team. I received my new device on December 30th, but by March 3rd, I ran into a software issue. Despite not having used the product to its full potential, the VR3 was not booting up ...

VR data for developers

Hi all,We are a dedicated VR team based in Sweden, and we are looking for some data and creating a market research for our VR app. 1. How many VR-users do we have in Sweden (and Globally?) today?2. We want to send out a survey to VR users for market ...

Disabled updates completely!!

Previously I used the adb command to do it but I don't know if it actually worked.So I got some third party apps to disable it! And I even disabled its network access. No updates haha!edit:If you turn off your Q3 with volume down and power button (ho...

Oculus updater disabled completely.jpg
Massacher by Heroic Explorer
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AMVR Facial Interface Quest 3

Hi all,I recently bought a AMVR facial interface for the Quest 3 and at first use it does seem more comfortable that the factory fit. It comes with a PU leather face pad (fitted as default) and an "Ice Silk" facepad. My question is which facepad woul...

German bluetooth keyboard typing EN?

Dear Meta Support Team! I am currently trying to set up Quest 3 as a "Spatial Workspace", which is working quite well. A mouse and a Bluetooth keyboard (German! QWERTZ) are connected. The keyboard is recognised for typing, but the letters in EN end u...

jbuescher by Honored Guest
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Help me choose an accessory!

Hey everyone looking at getting the meta quest 3, wondering what to get with it, games, accessories, etc. I was also wondering if I should get an power strap (aftermarket for the head) or a belt for extra power (waist or shoulder and what gun stock I...

Screenshot (89).png Screenshot (88).png

Please share your experiences with this government website if they turned your Quest 3 into a

Onward 2

Who is Ready for Onward 2 , what game mode and Core Features would you like to see and like to see the developers get Rid of that existed in the First Title ? Let me Know Your thoughts...

Resolved! Bad vision

I purchased a Meta Quest 3. I use progressive (bifocal) glasses and single vision computer glasses and close/far contact lenses. With all these, images on the Meta Quest 3 are totally or partially blurred. At least the progressive lenses have one rec...

V60 and charging the Quest 3

On the V56 I figured out that a proper USB POWER SUPPLY (not charger) for a laptop works great.From almost dead my Quest 3 went to full in under 90 minutes - using FAST CHARGE as the USB mode.While playing seated games, watching videos or whatever wi...

Thinking about buying the be but have questions

Spoiler (Highlight to read)Hello everyone! I’m currently thinking about buying one of the VR systems, but I have a question.How does setting up multiplayer go? Would each headset have to purchase the same game to play multiplayer? I’ve seen a lot of ...

Anb0519 by Honored Guest
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Quitting games vs Exiting games

Does the Quest 3 "close" the applications you're using or does it just exit until you reopen the app?For example on my phone if I open up an application I can hit the home button to leave, but I need to pull up the recent apps and "close all" if I wa...

Accessibility question

Hi. This is one of those questions that is going to take a lot of explaining up front. Sorry. I run a non-profit for disabled adults wiyh profound intellectual disabilities, most of who are bedbound or non-ambulatory. Everyone is happy, but there are...

i have this massage to facebook creator

hello facebook creator never give up i am from denmark called ferhat believe in you i dream of metaverse where we are all there in the whole world in metaverse but together like the whole world we must work together as people in the whole world we on...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quest 3 outside? And other questions.

Hi I have some questions about the quest 3 some may sound silly.1. On the quest 2 you couldn’t play outside without breaking the tracking cameras is this the same with the quest 3? I’ve seen videos of people playing without problems but then again in...

Steam Game vs Meta Quest Game version

So I notice SuperHot is on sale on Steam VR but full price at Meta Quest store. So can I buy the Steam VR version and still play it on my Meta Quest 3 standalone without my PC afterwards?

Q3 tracking with golf attachment

A genuine concern/query i have.I play a lot of Walkabout Mini Golf and Golf+ using a (home made) VR golf club.The golf club is about 20" long and the controller is fastened to one end of it with your hands being 20" away on the other end.Now the new ...

Thug by Heroic Explorer
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