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I am posting here, before I take actions through other avenues regarding this sadly common issue. I want others to know what Meta deems as ‘acceptable’ practices in regards to the the expectation (and exploitation) of their users, before I take this ...

Are Pro Controllers Physically Same

New Pro owner. I see several gaming acccessories that physically connect to controllers, for instance, pistol like accessories for shooting games. None of the accessories market themselves as compatible with the pro controllers. Are there physical di... by Honored Guest
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Why won't Tim Cook wear the Vision Pro?

I find this very interesting. If this is Cook's "Job's moment" I seem to remember Job's whole M.O. was that he would demo the device. Does Apple's internal focus groups see that actually showing people wear the device makes people less likely to want...

prigekhas by Honored Guest
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Please share your experiences with this government website if they turned your Quest 3 into a

Meta Quest for Brazil!

I would sincerely be so happy if Meta considered Brazil as a potential market for VR, although VR over here is not as popular as it is in North America or Europe, that is because most people haven't had the chance to get their hands on an easily acce...

Quest Pro and MRC (Mixed Reality Capture Tool)

Does anyone know if there is going to be Quest Pro support for MRC in the near future. It really shouldn't be a big deal for Meta to update the tool for the controllers. Additioinally they shoudl update it for the latest version on OBS so we can use ...

Solicitation quest Pro can use a 160mhz router model

Without further ado, TP-LINKTL-XDR6088 and MT3000, quest pro can't connect their 160mhz bandwidth. The connection speed is 1200m. I suspect that all routers with MTR scheme have this problem. My friend uses ZTE5400pro, Qualcomm solution, successfully...

SerialMMM by Honored Guest
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Oculus OVRServer setup to use http/https proxy

I'm trying to configure the oculus app to run via a proxy but I'm running into issues where a curl request to isn't following the systems proxy settings. I've tried setting enviornement variables like 'http_proxy' 'https_proxy' 'all_...

FSZORPIN by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Price drop in Europe, Meta being prejudice ?

Update 2023.03.17: Meta listened, I reached out again they finally gave me 95€. The employee was very kind and helpful and he excused for his colleague. Thanks Meta, you got me back. Hi there,today in Europa the price was revelead. Meta Quest Pro wen...

Live-stream comedy event for people using VR headset - HELP

Hi allI have the Insta360 ONE X2 which can be used to livestream into Facebook, YouTube, Kwai Live, and RTMP.I've tried doing this during one of our nights for people at home to tune into via their VR headsets, however the bandwidth seems to cutout a...

mrhpalmer by Honored Guest
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Great Ideas

 Yall This a greatest ideas coming with best technology.. really inspiring a lot people and in the world

My Quest Pro Review

I meant to write a review a while back but I like to use something for a reasonably long time before reviewing. Anyway, feel free to add your review, experiences! Comfort Out of the box, the headset comfort was very poor for me. The worst element was...

Creating Horizon World in Malaysia

Hello,I am trying to create a store in Horizon World from Malaysia. Can I know the following?a) Does Horizon World support Malaysia?b) Can it be created through Oculus device only?c) Do you need Quest Pro or Can you create it with Quest 2?Thanks

UE4 on Quest Pro

Hi!I would like to buy the new Meta Quest Pro, but before spending 2000€ I would like to know if it is possible to package from Unreal Engine 4.24 or 4.27.Thanks

mode_vr by Honored Guest
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