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Can't connect via Oculus Link anymore

So I haven't played on mine Oculus Quest 2 in like a month now. I wanted to play again, but now I cannot connect with my PC via Oculus Link! I am using the same PC and same port that I've been using previosuly for 3 months. When I select Oculus Link ...

Oculus Link Audio Crackling and crashing

I have recently received a refurbished quest 1 from the oculus as my other one got the back screen. I am trying to use the oculus link but am having issues, in any steam VR games the audio crackles, it does not occur in Oculus store games. Oculus lin...

GoldRadio by Honored Guest
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Oculus Link crashing instantly (Quest 2)

So I bought a new Laptop and whenever I try to start Oculus Link, it instantly crashes and "unplugs" itself.I've tried reinstalling, using other USB Ports, updating drivers. My guess is that Oculus is using the wrong GPU but in NVidia Control Panel, ...

Remite by Explorer
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My Link cable will not work

Hi i recently got the quest 2 and link cable except when i plugged them into my computer and into the headset after i plugged it in it worked i saw my discord and my computer screen and all of that but then i unplugged it and plugged it back in it it...

Sea4CC by Honored Guest
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Oculus link

So, when ever I plug my 3rd party kiwi design 3m USB 3 cable into my USB 3 ports and into my quest, oculus link rarely works... If I plug that same cable into my phone and into the USB 3 port, the exact same port, it works everytime. I've tried plugg...

x1Rockyx by Honored Guest
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VRCHAT Drop Out with Link

I have an issue that popped up recently where I will be in VRCHAT (Quest 1 running LINK cable) and everything is going well, then it freezes and drops me back into the native Quest home. I click on "Enable Link" and I'm back in VRCHAT... maybe 5 minu...

Quest 2 and Link not working

Okay. To cut it short; my PC recognizes my Quest 2 is plugged in. I saw it recognized via Devices settings AND it was plugged in a 3.0 port. My settings said so! However, Oculus Link cant find my Headset and my PC isnt found if i enable link from my ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Quest 2 link with laptop problems

Hi. My laptop was not working with oculus link on USB 3.0 cable, but the connection test was succeed. I using lenovo legion 5 laptop. that has ryzen 4800h APU and rtx 2060 discrete graphics. after several trys, finally I can success the oculus link w...

hyhok by Honored Guest
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Oculus link, get more vibrant colors?

Just wondering if you can get more vibrant colors with the link cable. I've an rift s and i accedently got more colors in my headset by plugging in my monitor to the displayport and changing the colors then plugging the rift back into that port. Wond...

Add3Padd3 by Honored Guest
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