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Support for DualSense controllers

The Quest lineup being on Android 10 means that many newer controllers fallback to the generic Android key layout. This is a sub-optimal experience for interfacing with 2D applications/games. Android 12 officially added support for the PS5 DualSense ...

How to PREVENT Oculus's view reset

Hi!I am creating a VR experience for my graduation where I map the physical space to a digital pointcloud replica of it. [video below]This is done with Unity 2020, through their VFX Graph tools, and with Oculus Link connected to Unity's editor.I am e...

Forced to use Facebook/ Lost games?!

Hello I've been using oculus since the first quest. I've had an oculus account for my log in every time, NOT a Facebook login. One day logging into the app it says that my Facebook account and Oculus are linked (I've never went in and linked them) an...