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Can't connect via Oculus Link anymore

So I haven't played on mine Oculus Quest 2 in like a month now. I wanted to play again, but now I cannot connect with my PC via Oculus Link! I am using the same PC and same port that I've been using previosuly for 3 months. When I select Oculus Link ...

Oculus Link Audio Crackling and crashing

I have recently received a refurbished quest 1 from the oculus as my other one got the back screen. I am trying to use the oculus link but am having issues, in any steam VR games the audio crackles, it does not occur in Oculus store games. Oculus lin...

GoldRadio by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 Link Cable not Working

So I have the official Link Cable and my pc is vr-ready (did 3 tests), when I first recieved the link cable it worked flawlessly until it stopped working all of a sudden. I had to return it because of internal issues and got a replacement (2 months l...

Resolved! Watching Youtube VR through Oculus Link

Hello everyone! I recently got myself an Oculus Quest 2 device and was looking forward to watch youtube vr videos "being inside" the video itself. I can watch them fine with Youtube VR app built-in, but my wifi is not the best and I got some loading ...

Rapkour by Explorer
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Horrible lag when opening oculus quest 2 menu.

Hello, I have a problem when using Oculus link, every time i open oculus menu ( button on right controller) to view desktop or to recenter view, fps drops to like 1 frame per 2 seconds, if i try to press menu button to close the menu it doesnt want t...

Like1mS by Honored Guest
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How to PREVENT Oculus's view reset

Hi!I am creating a VR experience for my graduation where I map the physical space to a digital pointcloud replica of it. [video below]This is done with Unity 2020, through their VFX Graph tools, and with Oculus Link connected to Unity's editor.I am e...

Oculus link help

Hello. my first time doing this (asking for help in random forums) .ok i have a MSI "GP63 Leopard 8RE" supposed to be vr ready, and oculus link cable(90$ version) and oculus quest 2 headset.Can anybody explain why i have like 1 fps please?I connect t...

haoay1730 by Honored Guest
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Steam VR crashes oculus link at launch

Recently I've been having an extremely infuriating issue with oculus link on my Quest 2. I got this thing about a month and a half ago (march 12th to be exact), and only recently (i.e. a week now) have I been experiencing frustrating issues with Ocul...

doooombo by Explorer
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Help please

Please I need help. For some reason, whenever I open any game, it starts with stable fps but after a few seconds the fps drop automatically without having done any action in the game. I literally just look at my controls and move them to check and th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quest 2 and Link not working

Okay. To cut it short; my PC recognizes my Quest 2 is plugged in. I saw it recognized via Devices settings AND it was plugged in a 3.0 port. My settings said so! However, Oculus Link cant find my Headset and my PC isnt found if i enable link from my ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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OCULUS Link Broken in V26

Just tried to use Oculus Link with v26 now I get aggressive stutters and it is completely unplayable. These are even visible in the home environment and the render window for games.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Crashing to Home

I recently bought a quest 2, and when using the Oculus link it will crash instantly when loading any Steam game. I've tried multiple Oculus titles and all seem to work fine, but any steam games will kick me straight out of the link. I have the offici...

Oculus link, get more vibrant colors?

Just wondering if you can get more vibrant colors with the link cable. I've an rift s and i accedently got more colors in my headset by plugging in my monitor to the displayport and changing the colors then plugging the rift back into that port. Wond...

Add3Padd3 by Honored Guest
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