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Link cable not working

Ok so I recently bought a quest 2 and got the link cable to hook up to my pc, however, whenever I tried connecting by cable it would just keep the loading circle going endlessly (attached image) and wouldn't pick up on the cable despite it being plug...


Support for DualSense controllers

The Quest lineup being on Android 10 means that many newer controllers fallback to the generic Android key layout. This is a sub-optimal experience for interfacing with 2D applications/games. Android 12 officially added support for the PS5 DualSense ...

Resolved! Black Friday Sale

Hello, is there going to be a black friday sale on the oculus quest 2? Or is there is only the 50$ game credit card?Thank you.

sandra_t by Honored Guest
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Radeon RX 5500 XT ?

Hi, I've bought myself a quest 2 and I wonder ,can I run it without wire on my pc? Some people told me yes (in low everything) and others that I need a 1000 € graphic card? I've tried but its all laggy...Is there anything between? Like a 250 €graphic...

D4RW33N by Honored Guest
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360 photos have black vertical line

Hi Community, This is my firs time posting in the forum so apologies in advance if I am not doing it properly! I am creating 360 photos using my mirrorless camera and stitching the photos on my PC. I export the photo with a 2:1 ratio, 5400x2700 pixel...

pqueroc by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Watching Youtube VR through Oculus Link

Hello everyone! I recently got myself an Oculus Quest 2 device and was looking forward to watch youtube vr videos "being inside" the video itself. I can watch them fine with Youtube VR app built-in, but my wifi is not the best and I got some loading ...

Rapkour by Explorer
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Oculus link help

Hello. my first time doing this (asking for help in random forums) .ok i have a MSI "GP63 Leopard 8RE" supposed to be vr ready, and oculus link cable(90$ version) and oculus quest 2 headset.Can anybody explain why i have like 1 fps please?I connect t...

haoay1730 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! WebXR not working in Oculus Browser on Quest 2

Hi there! So, i have problems:1.) I am more or less new to Oculus and VR-Programming via BabylonJS and WebXR. If you explain something, please do it like you explane it a Programming-Rookie. 2.) I think, since the last update for the Quest 2 it is n...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Air Link 노트북 연결

Air Link 노트북 연결 오큘러스 퀘스트 2 와 오큘러스 프로그램 버전 모두 동일하게 패치되었고 Air Link 둘다 ON 시켰지만 오큘러스 퀘스트 2에서 노트북을 검색할 수 없습니다 이 현상이 발생하는 원인은 무엇인가요?? 해결방법을 알려주세요 무선으로 연결할 수 없습니다.


very frustrated that I have this fancy Oculus Quest and I can't play SIMPLE boardgames with friends. Not a fan of much co-op REC ROOMstyle games. I just want to sit, chat and play boardgames. The poker app gets it. But i'm not that into poker. boring...

jay_farms by Honored Guest
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Factory Reset bug?

I reset my Oculus Quest 2 to return it, as my eyesight is not very good with it, and I cant get proper prescription lenses. When I turned it back on to make sure it was at the beginning set up, it showed the code to type in to pair it. But then the b...

Cannot Launch Oculus Home - New setup

Bought the Oculus Quest 2 today and after trying to setup Oculus Home I get past the "Choose Profile Picture" stage and then it gets stuck on a grey/black screen.Reinstalled including deleting leftover files & reg entries, disabled AV/Firewall and up...


App Sharing Scores in Games

Have set-up App Sharing on a Quest 2 and it seems to work great, playing 99% of the games no problem. One weird thing is that the Admin account is unable to see the scores of the sharing account, but they can see the Admin accounts. Seems to be acros...

Holdris by Honored Guest
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OCULUS Link Broken in V26

Just tried to use Oculus Link with v26 now I get aggressive stutters and it is completely unplayable. These are even visible in the home environment and the render window for games.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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quest 2 lagging and stuttering

I've had the quest 2 for 4 days it was fine at first, but now I can start to see objects lag behind and this mostly affects the starting menu, for some reason games are fine but its really annoying, is there any way I can fix this.

alexo_ by Honored Guest
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