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VRChat Freezing

Just got an Oculus Quest, my first VR headset, from a friend, and I really want to try out VRChat. Whenever I launch the game, everything goes smoothly up until the tutorial intro. It prompts me the "Begin" button to start the tutorial but as soon as...

Avatar Setup Broken

Since a few days the setup of the legacy avatars in Oculus Quest appears to be broken.Most configuration windows stay empty and some others are crashing the configurator.To me it looks like a problem with their backend as it was the same for v31 and ...

RenderDoc Invalid FrameCapturer

For several months now, I've been getting an "Invalid FrameCapturer" error while running RenderDoc for Oculus. This is on a UE4 4.26 game for Quest. I've been unable to do any captures at all and it's really impacting our ability to optimise the Ques...

Oculus link

So, when ever I plug my 3rd party kiwi design 3m USB 3 cable into my USB 3 ports and into my quest, oculus link rarely works... If I plug that same cable into my phone and into the USB 3 port, the exact same port, it works everytime. I've tried plugg...

x1Rockyx by Honored Guest
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VRCHAT Drop Out with Link

I have an issue that popped up recently where I will be in VRCHAT (Quest 1 running LINK cable) and everything is going well, then it freezes and drops me back into the native Quest home. I click on "Enable Link" and I'm back in VRCHAT... maybe 5 minu...

WiFi realities many seem to overlook

SIMPLE and DISTILLED points to guide most situations ... not the end-all solution to your exact situation ... it's just general logic that i keep seeing so many dumbfounded by. --- TLDR, for now just get a Link .. third party or official? up to you, ...

CASSIUSxx by Honored Guest
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