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Can't connect via Oculus Link anymore

So I haven't played on mine Oculus Quest 2 in like a month now. I wanted to play again, but now I cannot connect with my PC via Oculus Link! I am using the same PC and same port that I've been using previosuly for 3 months. When I select Oculus Link ...

2nd user account not working

Purchase a new Oculus Quest 2. Set it up, then followed the instructions and set up a 2nd user. When the 2nd user clicks his profile, it just stops. It shows a bunch of floating bubbles with calming music. The 2nd user has not ever been able to sign ...

wen2buy by Honored Guest
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Workrooms Cast

Hi, I would like to do VR environment sharing for the web of the oculus quest 2 VR environment in workrooms. But the sharing I want to do is not of what I'm looking at, but of myself, i.e. my workrooms avatar. Like I'm participating in a meeting of T...

pronksc by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 air-link

Hello,I plan on buying a Quest 2 and want to use it wireless. I read about how you set everything up and what is suggested to make the performance better.I have my gaming pc connected to my router through ethernet cable and have perfect performance f...

Learning more

Hello, my name is Fernando Zamorano. I'm from Mexicali, Mexico.I'm studying right now Computer systems engineer on "Instituto Tecnológico".Now with all the information that Zuckerberg said about metaverse, I would like to learn more about it.You know...

Airlink is not working. (with Quest 2)

I am using Oculus Quest 2.It's the latest version, version 33. My laptop specifications areWindows 10 Home / x64 / GeForce GTX970M + Intel(R) HD Graphics 5600 / RAM 8GB / Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5700HQ CPU @ 2.70GHz(Oculus Link Recommended Specs : https...

Quest2 128gb Screen is Fuzzy.

I just Purchase the quest 2 128gb model. I've cleaned the lens. I've repositioned the lens. But it's still very FUZZY/Blurry. Even Watching videos on YouTube VR. The experience sucks. The manufacture date Was 2021/08. I'm wondering if anyone With th...

isItwoot by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 Link Cable not Working

So I have the official Link Cable and my pc is vr-ready (did 3 tests), when I first recieved the link cable it worked flawlessly until it stopped working all of a sudden. I had to return it because of internal issues and got a replacement (2 months l...

Oculus Quest 2 freezes on startup V33

My quest updated to V33 and oculus link looks good but in the quest home menu it lags when i exit link and for how fast the battery drains i power my quest off when i'm not using it and 20% of the time when i power up my quest 2 it will freeze on a b...

Purchasing Oculus as retailer

Dear Concern, Greetings from Bangladesh, This is Yusuf, Brand manager of Multimedia Kingdom, an IT product selling organization in Bangladesh. We want to buy few oculus products. Please, let me know the process and other details. And also pls send me...

Avatar Setup Broken

Since a few days the setup of the legacy avatars in Oculus Quest appears to be broken.Most configuration windows stay empty and some others are crashing the configurator.To me it looks like a problem with their backend as it was the same for v31 and ...

Resolved! Oculus Quest 2 & Steam VR performance issue

Just bought Quest 2 and wanted to play some vr games I have on steam (Radeon RX 5300M & Vega 10)But any game on steam vr is very laggy, image cropping and 100-200 ms / 13.9 ms. I have Oculus Link cable, but with Oculus Air Link same thing.Googled it ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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USB 3.0 recognized as USB 2.0

I've seen a lot of people struggle with this. I just got the Oculus Quest 2, and i was hoping i could play pc vr games for the first time. But when I started the setup process, it told me that a USB 3.0 is recommended even though its plugged into my ...

My quest 2 can't connect to pc at all!

My oculus quest 2 won't connect to my pc. I've done everything I could think of. I turned off air link, I factory reseted my device, I messed with more settings and my device still won't connect. I messed with the settings on the oculus software on m...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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