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Resolved! (Not Resolved) Known Issue - V62/63 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

v62 has a big problem with USB port sensor (found the very same issue on my Q3 and the one of my wife)... when used with an extension cable (even if it is a quality cable) from time to time star showing the debris-water warning message. Of course the...

New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Low perfomance with usb c offical cable and usb c port

What is your issue? Hello, my usb c offical cable don't provide enough speed and I use a usb c port on the front pannel of the pc. It provide 360 mbps and It should be more. What have you tried? I tried to use a usb 3.0 beind the pc with an ordinary ...

Jcpepe123 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Oculus Quest 2 PC Link Cant reach in game menus

So I bought zenith connected my quest to my oculus link rift app and while playing I cant access in-game menus (inventory) both the 3 dash button and oculus button take me to the rift home menu. I tried other games and they all do the same thing whil...

Gaming Laptop PCVR Latency RTX 3080

Hello,I am having issues with my Meta Quest2 in PCVR - while using either airlink or Link cable or even virtual desktop. this is not a network issue as i have tried with link cable, with 3.2 usb and a bandwidth resuly of 2.3-2.7 gigsthe issue is late...

Resolved! PCVR FPS/Stutter issues

Recently bought a usb 3.0 cable and have been trying to use the quest 2 for PCVR. My pc should be perfectly capable of running both non-vr and vr games, I have done a cable test and have a 3.0GBPS speed so that's not the issue either. when running th...

Masked_ by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 Start Up with Link automatically

I'm trying to setup a Quest 2 in some kind of kiosk mode. I only want to use the Quest 2 in PCVR mode, always connected. Is it possible to start the Quest 2 in PCVR mode only with Oculus link? I've looked at Oculus for Business but this is currently ...

yvcil by Honored Guest
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Resolved! GPU Compatibility

To cut the question short, for AMD GPU's are series past 6000 just not going to be supported from now on?Ill be attempting my first PC build and one of the main things that ive been stopping at is figuring out if a graphics card will work or not.On p...

ComboMon by Explorer
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Resolved! Can't install oculus app for PC (Windows 10)

Fresh install of Windows 10 on 1tb SSDi7-127000K, 32gb RAM, RTX 2060No external drives connectedDownload stops at 5.10gb/5.12gbLog file says '--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---'Steps taken (install fails):Dis...

ALVR thinks I have Vive Wands instead of Touch Controllers

I've searched for this problem and it affects people with both Virtual Desktop and ALVR, and I'm experiencing it myself. I know these programs are unsupported by Meta, but there has to be some way to figure out what is going on. I've done just about ...

RobertWK by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Got accepted into Horizon worlds though I have a Quest 1

I've been accepted into Horizon Worlds though on startup I notice you need a Quest 2 to actually play it and I only have a Quest 1, I look into the Oculus PCVR store and it still says coming soon.Is there any way that I could get access to Horizon Wo...

PCVR question for onward

What is the best way to play my VR game: onward Gamepc > airlink > oculus home > open pc > open steam > play onward and choose launch onward in steam VR mode;Gamepc > airlink > oculus home > open pc > open steam > play onward and choose launch onward...

Oculus quest 2 PC VR not working

I recently got my oculus back after having to send my old one in because it broke. I wanted to play some new games I got, VTOL VR and H3VR, and the games are good and run well for around 5 minutes + or minus 2 minutes and then all of a suddon it free...

CartmanXD by Honored Guest
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Will a dedicated router help airlink stuttering?

I've been having trouble with airlink recently. Every time I play any game, but most notably beatsaber, I get these stutters and freezes that can last up to 1 or 2 seconds. The stutters happen at least once a minute and, even if it isn't truly unplay...

Install Error During Software Install Please Help

I recently purchased on Oculus Quest 2 and I found out that in order to play games on my PC I have to install the Oculus software on my PC. So I went to the website and began downloading the Oculus software in order to move forward in my attempt to p...

Oculus support on linux

I've recently swapped my OS to Linux for various reasons but found out that Oculus does not support it.I mean, SideQuest does have a Linux version but it does not allow me connect my quest (via AirLink) to my PC.There are games I used to play on PCVR...

Sir.Joe by Honored Guest
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