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Resolved! Dev Dashboard - Unable to add payout account

We are unable to link a bank account to our Developer dashboard.At first it was asking for bank info but never worked. Now it doesn't even ask for any bank info, it just fails. Tried setting a new account which does the same thing. Clicking the "Get ...

Slixton by Explorer
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Compliance submittance stuck in draft

Is there anyone else experiencing issues with submitting their compliance requirements in the developer dashboard? There was a Data Protection Assessment which was to be done on May 27th which we sent for submittance on the 26th but the submission st...

GaimItg by Explorer
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Resolved! Does Meta work with indie developers? [Solved]

Meta rejected all my admin verification requests because they couldn't read the docs I sent them (multiple times with different lighting conditions (artificial and natural) and resolutions).They also suggest trying to verify as an organisation or wit...

Infinity loading "price" dropdown

I want to submit my application for review in app lab and fill in the meta fields. The final step was choosing the price of the application, but I can't choose it (I need to set it to free) because the dropdown is loading endlessly. What should I do?...


Customers cannot "GET" our app (App Lab)

From what I can understand, a Quest App is available by the app id link before being reviewed. This allows users to install the app from a direct URL rather than the AppStore. Our app is viewable on PC by the App Id link, and everything looks fine, e...

Unable to track Meta Keys

We're planning a rolled out release of our App Lab app using Meta keys to give to our early users. We thought we would be able to track various campaigns with different sets of keys from the developer dashboard, but our test keys are not showing up a...

Creating a store bundle?

I would like to be able to create a one-time purchase bundle that will give our consumers access to a collection of apps at once. Is such a thing possible?Our apps are all under the App Lab store, by the way, if that matters.

Can't access Analytics for App Lab app

In the developper dashboard, Analytics pages are definitly empty for weeks... Except of "Marketing Attribution" and "User Engagement" that gives an approximation of the sales with "Conversion". We have more than the first step of 100 sales for sure. ...

jbaessens by Honored Guest
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Quest App Lab - Hand tracking also requires Touch?

I'm hoping to clarify something vague in the documentation for Quest app specs going to App Lab. Can anyone confirm if it's possible to publish an app to App Lab that only uses hand tracking? Elixir on the Oculus Store, for example, does not seem to ...

MaxInfo by Honored Guest
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