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Can't get the SceneModel

Hey guys. I'm having an issue of pulling the SceneModel (Room that I have Setup) from any of the scenes in the The World beyond that use the OVRSceneManager to load the SceneModel. I've been using TheWorldBeyond (

g1zeonik_0-1676458650122.png g1zeonik_1-1676458649995.png g1zeonik_2-1676458649994.png

Launching Meta Quest TV through intents

Hi all,I am trying to have a native application launch the TV app to play a 3D 360 video (I know this may sound unusual, but I really need it to work this way!). For this, I need to be able to trigger an Android Intent with all the information necess...

Love Echo

Adding my support for RAD and echo VR. THE game I play, but also a community that’s actually working in the metaverse. We’re all sad to see it go, and hope you let us know what’s coming next

Alburn_ by Level 2
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Which SDK? OpenXR Mobile SDK?

I'm an experienced C++ and Android developer, but new to graphics programming. But that should be OK as my UI needs are minimal.So, if I want to do development for the Meta headsets without the big game engines, it seems that the 'OpenXR Mobile SDK' ...

Renamer by Level 2
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Gifting apps

I bought 2 apps for my son for Christmas. I didn’t want to send them to him early so I just bought them. How do I now send them as a gift. Please know I am not a gamer and know nothing about this platform.

Obtaining Hand Joint Angles

Hi I am new to development with the Meta Quest and was wondering if there is a way to retrieve joint angles for fingers when using hand tracking. I am using unity to develop and was wondering if this data is obtainable from the OVR Skeleton scripts.T...

hs36199 by Level 2
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Research student looking for info please :)

Hello,I am a masters student and for my thesis we are studying the impacts of fire on individuals. We were hoping to be able to design a VR game to simulate an in fire experience so including increasing smoke, difficulty seeing ect. We have 3D footag...

Passthrough PC

Is it possible to feed the Quest passthrough cams to my PC while at the same time playing any non passthrough game in VR? I stream using a custom FPV MR setup on my Valve Index where I pull live footage of my arms in a green room and overlay them wit...

2D App and Passthrough Issues Since v44 & v46

Since the v44 update, I have experienced repeated frame-dropping after several minutes of using the Passthrough environment. By frame-dropping, I mean the real-world view chops around at maybe a couple of frames per second. This occurs most frequentl...

OSP version V1.64.0

Hello everyone, I have installed OSP VST version V1.64.0 and don't see REVERB & REFLECTION settings. Could you please help me get the version with the same settings as shown in the attached screenshot ? I'm using /Reaper DAW/Windows 10 if it make sen...

asketa by Level 2
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About music permission

We have a number of songs to play into a VR experience in development and we have questions of legal nature. In addition to having permission from the author to use these songs, is there any other process required by Oculus? Are there any other requi...

Project Cambria app's development

I've seen some promotional videos and articles on "Project Cambria". It seems pretty cool. I am always looking for things that might be able to increase my productivity. I would love to try to develop some apps on it myself. I am not however very fam...

External camera on the Quest 2

Hey there, I want to put an external camera on the quest 2 so I can get live view in unity for AR. You may be wondering why I would want this. I am working on making a psychosis experience. For this I need the real world with different kinds of effec...