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Under 18 being paid for applab game

I am trying to setup my payment information for my game so I can be paid, but I cannot get past the first page as when I try to put my birthday, it greys out. I am under 18 so is there a way I can be paid while being underaged? Maybe someone can sign...

How Does App Submitting Works

Hi, I am just getting into developing an app for Oculus Quest 2 and I eventually want to submit my app to the Meta Quest Store. I found information about the VRC guidelines (here, but I want ...

csllab by Honored Guest
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Few questions on DevOps for Quest 2 with Unity

Hi there!I have been working on an app for Quest 2 using Unity. Myself and 2 others have been using the app lab alpha channel to share and test builds and it has been working well. Now, we are hoping to open up a private beta, but of course still wan...

nerol333 by Honored Guest
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Users are having issues with my IAP in my game...

When i tested the IAP button on my headset i was prompted to an oculus payment screen where i paid $.01 for a durable item that will cost users $4.99. For me the payment was successful, but for the users once they put in their pin to complete the pay...

xTravyDx by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Collecting payment outside App Lab

I thought I read that Oculus won't allow us to collect income/payments for app lap apps outside of the Oculus platform without some kind of agreement with them. But I can't seem to find that, and I just now ran across this post that says we can sell ...

Unable to upload game

I developed an app and wanted to upload it to the facebook Quest(App Lab) platform, but I tried many methods and failed to upload itHere's what I've tried and failed 1.The upload button in the app is grayed out, and the MQDH cannot be uploaded2.Using...

qmcs by Honored Guest
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Slow approval process?

I've submitted my app on the 2nd Jan for approval for the App Lab. Has anybody also experienced these delays? It should be approved within two weeks as far as I know. In the meantime I've imroved the app already and could directly submit a new versio...

app failing to load for a single user

Hi,We have been developing an app and have recently started alpha testing. Most of our testers are in the UK and the app has been running fine, however we have one tester in Bahrain who's app seems to stay on the loading screen (3 white dots) and it ...

Consuming a Previous Purchase

So, we're testing our app, and we're noticing that some users are failing to receive the callback for their consumable purchase. What I'd like to know is... what options are there for getting a list of purchased consumables that haven't been consumed...

App Lab Submission

I got a review from Oculus reviewer saying i´m using a known IP, which i don´t.Is there any way to make the review process more friendly? why can´t we reach reviewers directly? as a developer i have to make and upload another version build just to wr...

Is a Hand-Tracking-Only App Allowed?

In the submission dashboard it's not allowed to select hand-tracking only. One must check both touch-controller and hand-tracking. However in the project setting in Unreal Engine there's an option for Hand-tracking-only or Both. If memory serves, the...

Question about the Rooms and P2P API deprecation

Hello, We are currently developing an application for a customer that uses the Rooms, P2P and matchmaking APIs. We would like to distribute this application to the customer via the RC channel (not the Production one).Unfortunately, we have noticed th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Not able to upload a build to the app - PWA

Hey all, when I try to upload a build / APK to the app I created (it should be PWA), It shows errors like: 1. APK has no main activity defined in the manifest 2. GLES version not specified 3. The focus aware manifest meta-data tag should be set with ...

velidd by Honored Guest
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Personalized rooms for Horizon Workrooms

Hello all, Is it possible to create personalized rooms for this application? The app already provides some room designs, but we will like to design a specific one (e.g., table, walls, objects). Can we create a room using Unity/SDK/or similar software...

Resolved! Geo-blocking in Oculus Store, possible or not?

Hi, We are prepping our first VR-film for release in the Oculus Store (App Lab and Rift), but we still have the film circulating on festivals and that raises concerns of releasing it world-wide in the store. Coming from the film industry I'm quite us...

petterl by Honored Guest
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Get payed from applab

Get paid from applabHi I published on AppLab a game and I sold at least 4 copiesBut on my dashboard under Analytics/Revenue i get:Not enough data to show this informationThis data isn't available because your app has less than 100-lifetime copies sol...

App lab resubmission, is two weeks normal?

Our app lab game came under review two weeks ago and had a major issue affecting game startup, we fixed it the next day and resubmitted. But it's been two weeks without it being checked again yet is this normal? I was under the impression a resubmiss...

New VCR - How to be an approved developer?

The new VCR mentions needing to be an approved developer to be able to publish on Quest store. being said, nowhere does it mention how to apply to become an approved dev. Any information o...