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quest 3 audio input latency ?

We have an app that works fine on quest 2.On quest 3 we have sync issues.The featuer is recording audio along with existing audio (and it syncs it that playback plays back same as recording) what could be different about quest 3 in this regard? Thank...


We have found an open source called pd-for-android, written in JAVA, that allows to transform analog and MIDI signals into music. Do you know if it is possible to incorporate it into a Quest VR software and be able to play musical notes with an iRig2...

Hz level of speakers in Oculus Quest 2?

I'm curious as to how low of a Hz level the headphones goes down to. Does it go down to only 50Hz? Does it go down to 16Hz? I'm curious because I'm planning on doing frequency work with others using the headset, and I'd rather not people have to have...

OSP version V1.64.0

Hello everyone, I have installed OSP VST version V1.64.0 and don't see REVERB & REFLECTION settings. Could you please help me get the version with the same settings as shown in the attached screenshot ? I'm using /Reaper DAW/Windows 10 if it make sen...

asketa by Honored Guest
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About music permission

We have a number of songs to play into a VR experience in development and we have questions of legal nature. In addition to having permission from the author to use these songs, is there any other process required by Oculus? Are there any other requi...

Professional narration for Oculus

Spoiler (Highlight to read)I am a professional voice talent seeking to narrate for OCULUS. Saying that, would someone be willing to direct me to a source that seeks voice talent for OCULUS?Thank you, Tim Miller Voiceovers, LLC.I am a professional voi...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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