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Can't get the SceneModel

Hey guys. I'm having an issue of pulling the SceneModel (Room that I have Setup) from any of the scenes in the The World beyond that use the OVRSceneManager to load the SceneModel. I've been using TheWorldBeyond (

g1zeonik_0-1676458650122.png g1zeonik_1-1676458649995.png g1zeonik_2-1676458649994.png

Cannot Create a Meta for Developers account

I opened a case, 6774076, with Meta support and they directed me to these forums and closed the ticket. Although, the case is not resolved. On page , Contact info, Error: "Email cannot be sen...

Dev mode not working

whenever i connect my headset it usually pops the rsa fingerprint up and I just press allow, now I'm using the same cord and its not popping up or doing anything, I cant sideload games because of this I need help

User autentication not working [Help]

I have been a loong time using this code, and everything worked fine, but now suddenly its not working i haven't changed anything and now it says there is an invalid parameter??Whats happening maybe oculus has changed it?What should i do i need this ...

Extrys by Level 3
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Quest 2 not recodnize in Unity after Force Update

Oculus Quest 2 Version: 47Unity Version: 2021.3Windows 10Hello,Yesterday, when I have put my headset on my head, I saw a little Disk Icon and a loading bar. Then, the device restarted. It seems like it was a force update. Since that happened, Unity d...

wysi21 by Level 2
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Quest 2 and Bluetooth connectivity issues

Hello community, I have a question regarding Bluetooth connection to the Quest 2 headset. I'm trying to connect some devices with Bluetooth receivers to the Quest 2 Headset. The results have been somewhat inconsistent. When paired properly, it should...

Unity iOS build error with

Unity 2020.3, iOS build.Oculus Integration 46,XCode 14.iPhone 16.1I am trying to build a cross-platform app. The iOS build includes the Oculus library even though I don't use Oculus functions. In the iOS build, the misses +x attribut...

Rimag by Level 2
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2D App and Passthrough Issues Since v44 & v46

Since the v44 update, I have experienced repeated frame-dropping after several minutes of using the Passthrough environment. By frame-dropping, I mean the real-world view chops around at maybe a couple of frames per second. This occurs most frequentl...

Rotation components - Yaw, roll, and pitch

When using the scripting tools in Horizon Worlds, the code blocks "Yaw of rotation", "Pitch of rotation", and "Roll of rotation" do not appear in the operations tab of the scripting code blocks panel. These code blocks are used in assets named free s...

"SeLinux avc: denied" uploading an apk.

Hi, I'm facing a problem uploading an .apk using Oculus Developer Hub.The .apk is a project created in Unity and it works fine.Developer mode is active.The first time, I have successfully upload the app.Then I've modified the project, I've rebuild th...

Quest 2 jittery screen

I purchased the the Quest 2 because of the Hype. Spent over 500.00 dollars on this expensive paper weight. Worked fine at first clear graphics beautiful. And then the updates and my quest the picture started jittering. I am not saying on occasion. Co...

Droho by Level 2
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oculus /unattended broken?

a month ago /unattended worked for silent installs. I check back today and it just breaks the installer. making it so you cant go forward in the install process also not proceed with the install.Is anyone else having this Issue?