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marketplace has no feelings

What would happen if all Facebook users could feel more united to their website, making it different but not so different from a conventional profile but with editable sections, so that users can design, distribute and categorize each and every aspec...

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leaaanj by Honored Guest
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Help needed

I am a rancher and I would like help developing a way to use vr products to more efficient handle my fields and planting. I’m wanting to do something to help myself and other farmers and ranchers with mapping their fields. In certain fields on my pro...

Meta Ray Ban to PC

Man super disappointed that the glasses can’t connect to my PC. My old razor did but the sound wasn’t great. I work from home and thought it’s perfect for meetings. Prob going to return it now. So stupid to limit it. Is it capable for over the air up...

J2common by Honored Guest
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Customer Cant Complete Purchase

Hello,We received an email from our user regarding an issue they experienced with in-app purchases. What suggestions can we offer to help resolve this issue?"I have installed the mindway app on my quest 3 and tried to sign up to a membership plan usi...

mindwayvr by Honored Guest
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Meta Ray ban

Good morning fellas, I bought the new Meta Rayban yesterday and I find them much better than the old ones I only have one problem, from the settings you can connect a Whatsapp account for messages etc etc, the problem is that I use Whatsapp business ...

backwards compatibility

would love to see a future interest in developing backwards compatibility between headsets i owned a rift and rift s before and upgraded to a quest 2 but none of the rift games are compatible with the quest. in order to play those same games i would ...

Interested To Review This Website

Greetings, I have been following the website for the past few days now. I have a tech related website and I am much more interested to review this website on my site here. I dont know if it is possible or my website is eligible to do this. If my webs...

Chapgpt+ metaverse?

Spoiler (Highlight to read) I have an idea, today ai can create a picture with some key word, ia for music are in development for music it seem. But what about an Ai that would create a virtual world depending of you keyword? Like you type cthulhu, 1...

Oculus Developer account manager

Sorry for bringing this here. I would really appreciate someone from Oculus team to reach out to to touch base and provide Oculus store support. We can't do much with our current manager K. Any help would be highly appreciated.

New VCR - How to be an approved developer?

The new VCR mentions needing to be an approved developer to be able to publish on Quest store. being said, nowhere does it mention how to apply to become an approved dev. Any information o...

Opening LINKS inside OCULUS from PC QR CODES

Hi! I am working on an application, and I am trying to boost the user experience. My users mainly use the PC to work, but at some point in the workflow they need to use the OCULUS to see some content in an immersive way. I would love to show a QR cod...

Using Quest 2 with classified contend

I am looking for developers to develop the ability to protect the content and disable Wi-Fi for classified project. Users should be allowed to use certain apps only with password and files should be protected for side downloads.

VivenTec by Honored Guest
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